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Monday, July 25, 2011

Hidden Plainfield: July 24 property ID

The house in the 1000-block of East 7th, may once have been a carriage house.
Not much of a mystery here, I guess. Even though the house in the 1000-block of East 7th is hidden in a grove of trees, it seems everyone has noticed it.

I was a guest at a party there shortly after we moved to Plainfield, and can testify it is SMALL. As I recall, there is no real staircase to the second floor, but something more like a ladder to a loft space.

House's lot is almost completely tree-covered.

And I was a little misleading about the other '103º' picture -- the guys playing volleyball in the heat. In truth, that house is on the corner of East 7th and Richmond, and actually faces East 7th, which I didn't mention specifically because I didn't want to tip anyone off about the 'Hidden Plainfield' location. So much for that smart idea.

Several readers -- including one commenter -- thought the volleyball scene was on West Front at West End Avenue. That is the location of another popular volleyball game, but that one is played on macadam, whereas the one pictured Friday is a (theoretically) grassy side yard.

Where shall we go next week?

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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olddoc said...

I believe that Dr. Ted Loizeaux once lived there.

Anonymous said...

Love the house, very pretty from the road. Im told there was a murder in the house back in the day.