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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Muhlenberg advisory group meeting set for tonight canceled

Muhlenberg supporters at state hearing at PHS in 2008.
Readers of the comments to yesterday's post on the previously-announced Muhlenberg CAG meeting at Plainfield City Hall slated for tonight will have already learned that it has been CANCELLED.

Corporation Counsel Dan Williamson notified Councilor Williams in an email sent Monday, according to a comment by Williams.

There is no notice on the City website's Community Events page either SETTING the meeting or CANCELING it, despite the fact that it was publicly announced at a public meeting of the City Council at which the public was present.

While I appreciate everything Corporation Counsel Williamson does to save the Mayor from herself, managing Her Honor's public notices is not -- and should not be -- part of his portfolio. The Mayor needs to assume responsibility for her own timely communications.

It is becoming plain as the nose on your face that neither of the Robinson-Briggs' terms will go down in the Plainfield history books as models of timely communications with residents and taxpayers.

Maybe the winning slogan for the next mayor should be: 'I will keep you in the loop'.

A slogan on which Robinson-Briggs could never run.

-- Dan Damon

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