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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Book Sale continues at Plainfield Public Library

The book sale is in the Library's pool area.
The Plainfield Public Library's annual book sale continues through Friday during regular library hours.

While the sale got off to a roaring start over the weekend, there are plenty of irresistible books left, as I can attest (my toasted laptop must have contained notice of the book sale, which I never saw).

The Library's pool area is surrounded by table with books sorted into such categories as fiction, history, biography, cookbooks, art/photography, reference and religion/philosophy.

Make your selections and take them to the (temporary and soon to be ex-) Children's Room, where you can pay for them and get a shopping bag if needed.

The sale ends Friday. Hours are today (Wednesday) 10 AM - 9 PM; Thursday and Friday, 10 AM - 5 PM.

What did I find irresistible?

Management guru Peter Drucker's autobiography, Adventures of a Bystander; a study of The LaFollettes of Wisconsin -- the Progressive-era firebrands, Bob and Belle; Most Secret War, a history of British scientific intelligence during World War II.

Perhaps most interesting though, is a little-noted 1983 study by former Catholic seminarian Paul Hendrickson, simply title Seminary, recalling the last years of  pre-Vatican II seminary education, how he loved it, why he left the seminary and what happened to his classmates and teachers, most of whom also gave up the life of a cleric, when he searched them out seventeen years later. I expect this to be a bittersweet read, partly because I and so many of my generation were deeply influenced by Vatican II, and partly because I expect to learn something from these stories about why the Catholic Church is having its crisis in a shortage of American-born priests.

Toddle on over, plenty of books to take along to the beach this summer!

-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

The books are now $2/bag!