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Thursday, July 21, 2011

PMUA: First severance payment to Watson, Ervin totals $275K

Thanks to the perspicacity of DumpPMUA founder Philip Charles, ratepayers of the Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority can read the Commissioners' resolution authorizing an initial payout of $275,000 IN PARTIAL SETTLEMENT OF CLAIMS to departing Executive Director Eric Watson and his Assistant ED David Ervin, whose employment ended June 30.

PMUA: Severance for Watson, Ervin

A close reading of the resolution reveals that the possibility of further payments is contemplated.

The resolution also states 'it is arguable as to the extent of the employee benefit entitlement under the terms and conditions of the contract'. While one would normally expect such language to indicate the settlement would be contested, there is no indication the Commissioners acted on behalf of the ratepayers to cap the payout, merely handing over the cushion that had been built up on the advice of the agency's auditors.

Ah, those Commissioners! Such hard bosses to work for!

DumpPMUA is inviting ratepayers and the public to attend the next Board of Commissioners meeting, August 9 (more info on their website here).

Board of Commissioners Meeting

Tuesday | August 9
6:00 PM

PMUA Headquarters
127 Roosevelt Avenue

(corner East 2nd Street)
Parking in agency lot or on street

-- Dan Damon

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Keeping It Real said...

This is disgusting!!! I wonder what share of the that money will be going to individuals like Councilman Reid who, at all costs, will defend the PMUA; meanwhile so many of his constituents, as he claims in open meetings, need social services. Seems like the PMUA is just one more social service, for the execs and the commissioners that legally steal from the residents of Plainfield.

Anonymous said...

What settlement? Didn't they have a job and get a paycheck? Hopefully, Philip can figure out how we can sue them!

JMG said...

WTF...they chose to retire/resign they were not let go by the PMUA

Trenton should see this...

Anonymous said...

My favorite line from the resolouton: because it has already been budgeted, the payout will not affect the budget or PMUA rates. Our they trying to obfuscate the fact that budgeting for the payout did affect the budget and PMUA rates?

Does any of this answer the question of whether the payouts are bonuses or merely settlements for accrued benefit and pension rights? Would hate to think they are getting bonuses when one considers how overpriced their service is.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 9:30am. They are retiring - what severance!! I am going to send this to Trenton.

Rob said...

Let's not forget....Why would Trenton do anything about this ??? Look at our local oligarch who has done nothing but label the Christie administration as the wordly version of Satan himself...If I were Chris Christie I would simply say, " want to live in the "Happy Democrat Party of the People Fantasy"...keep right on living it." This is what you get when you vote for one party only...Congrats again Plainfield. Jerry, Sharon, Reid and Rivers have no issue WHAT SO EVER with the in essence, they have no issue with the people of Plainfield getting screwed. I think that deserves another term for all of them. There is nothing like watching a whinning crying electorate complaining about something and watching them continually elect the same buffoons who refuse to do anything about the issue.

Anonymous said...

city policy is $15,000 MAX payout in sick time. Vacation should have been used. Ask any city worker. Oh wait ... they worked hard, never mind, no one else does at PMUA I guess.

Ari said...

Thank you Dan for posting!!!

@JMG I am forwarding a copy of the resolution to my contact at the Governor's Office who made a referral to the State Comptroller's Office a few months back. Rumor has it the "state" has been on their backs. Apparently, not enough. I'd be curious if they paid them for unused sick and vacation days as well. I encourage all who read this to contact the Governor's Office. The more you call the more they listen. By the way, I am sure they gave them more we don't know about yet.

Anonymous said...

This is pure greed. The commissioners are in on it. How could they possibly give $275k and state that this isn't coming from rates? Huh??? How do they think they built up that reserve? I hope at least a few of the readers will send the resolution to the governor. The commissioners are not interested in protecting the public. Both Watson and Ervin announced they were leaving. How they can get severance pay is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Stop complaining and start a tax strike! Nothing will change with talk talk talk! Stop paying and see how fast they notice!