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Friday, July 15, 2011

Bag o' Books for $2 wraps up Library book sale today

The Plainfield Public Library's annual book sale ends today with a $2/bag blowout -- all the books you can stuff in a shopping bag for just two dollars. But you have to hurry -- the Library closes at 5 PM on summer Fridays.

While the sale got off to a roaring start over the past weekend, there are plenty of irresistible books left.

The Library's pool area is surrounded by table with books sorted into such categories as fiction, history, biography, cookbooks, art/photography, reference and religion/philosophy.

Load up your bag and take it to the (temporary and soon to be ex-) Children's Room, where you can pay for them.

-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for keepingus informed. I did not see anything in the Courier which usually gives good coverage to library sales. Did I miss something, or di the library miss a chance to promote their sale. I do not think they even bothered to put out signs or banners along Park Avenue to notify passersby of the sale, either during the sale or, what would have been better yet, in advance. Why can't they do a better job promoting these events?