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Friday, July 8, 2011

GOP candidate for Ward 2 Council seat launches blog

The header for GOP candidate Bill Michelson's blog.
Longtime Plainfield resident and GOP activist Bill Michelson, who is facing incumbent Cory Storch in November in the Ward 2 Council race, has launched his campaign blog (see here), where his opening post outlines the issues in the campaign as he sees them.

As I have done in the past, the blog will be entered in the blogroll that appears on the CLIPS blog (see here). I will also check daily for new posts and put teaser copy in the 'green' paragraph after the news links, which is designed to save readers' having to click through every single blog to find the ones who have put up a recent post.

Bill has a long history of community involvement. He and I first met many years ago as founding members of Residents Supporting Victorian Plainfield. He currently serves on the Historic Preservation Commission and is active in the Netherwood Heights Neighbors.

-- Dan Damon

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Ok. So where are his weekly articles? It's been 3 weeks and nothing has been posted. Not the way to impress with your ideas.