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Monday, January 31, 2011

Jerry needs to stop being a crybaby

Plainfield Assemblyman Jerry Green needs to stop being a crybaby. The sooner, the better.

On Friday, Jerry made a totally unwarranted and unintelligible attack on Councilors Cory Storch and Rebecca Williams in the context of a 'P.S.' added to the end of a letter of support he received from the Coalition on Affordable Housing and the Environment (CAHE) -- see here.

The attack comes in the context of Gov. Christ Christie's conditional veto of the affordable housing bill Jerry has been working on since last spring. A version influenced by Jerry's attempts to address affordable housing needs (including fees on developers to build a kitty for rehabbing existing properties in older, poorer communities like Plainfield) and that Jerry feels would pass constitutional muster was passed by both houses after back-and-forth in which Sen. Ray Lesniak acceded to some of Jerry's proposals.

Now, however, the Legislature will have to top a higher hurdle to overturn the veto.

And that is what Jerry should be working on and talking about -- not local elected officials who have no pull with Jerry's peers.

It is time for 'the third most powerful person in the Assembly' (as Jerry is always reminding us he is) to show his mojo and get the votes needed to pass his legislation DESPITE Christie's veto and any lingering ill will the governor may feel after Jerry insulted him during Christie's campaign stop in Plainfield the summer before his election.

Jerry has been in the Assembly a long time, and has patiently worked his way up the ladder, now chairing an important committee (Housing and Local Government) as well as having a role in the leadership structure.

Why, then, go into a tantrum like a 2-year-old in the checkout line at the A&P?

The voters of the 22nd District hardly thought they were sending a crybaby to the Assembly.

Jerry needs to get to work and get the votes he needs.

All the letters of support and editorials in favor he posts to his blog can't make up for having votes in his pocket.

I have written before that I believe this affordable housing bill could become Jerry's legacy legislation (see my three posts on the matter here).

Longtime readers of this blog will have noticed that the bones I have to pick with Jerry have to do with THE SITUATION IN PLAINFIELD (where he has habitually made poor choices and advocated unwise, wasteful and abusive policies for years) -- and not in Trenton, where he serves under the watchful eye of others.

If Jerry can't -- or won't -- act like a mensch and show us how he can get this housing bill signed and his legacy secured, he should seriously think of getting out of politics. And that includes whining about others when it's HIS RESPONSIBILITY to get the deed done.

We don't need any whiners representing the 22nd District.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Dan I enjoy your posts and the Photos OUTSTANDING

Anonymous said...

A direct quote from Jerry
"My advice is this: if a person does not understand the responsibility of the elected official to his/her community do not run for office. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t sit back and allow your community to lose dollars when you are more concerned about your paycheck."

Here's is hoping that Jerry takes his own advice. Time to go Jerry, you have been more concerned about your paycheck for 20 years - Buh bye!

Anonymous said...

From a Dec. 10 CN article on JG's housing reform legislation drawing criticism: "I spent nine months trying to be a nice guy. I didn't deserve to be disrespected and humiliated the way I was today," Green said.
Boo hoo.

Anonymous said...

I do believe that you could possibly be guilty of a racial slur by use of your caucasion crybaby image when referring to JG!

Anonymous said...

Dan -

Great photo but you really need to get an artist to photoshop Jerry Green's headshot onto an actual baby's body taking a bath and in the bathwater are lots of lil sponges.

It is time to throw out the crying whining baby JG and his "sponges" (Sharon, Dan Williamson, Bill Reid, Bridget Rivers, Vera Greaves, all of his many attorneys, etc etc) with the bath water while he is screaming loudly . . . Wwwaaaaaahhhhh!!!!

And can you guess who is giving JG his bath??? Small hint -CD.

Jerry goes out with a SPLASH and away go Plainfield's troubles down the drain!

Rob said...

Sooooooooooooooooo Jerry was "disrespected"...How THUG, HOW PUNK, HOW HOOD of him to state it so eloquently.
Rule #1 Jerry, which I am surprised at your age you haven't realized yet, respect is EARNED not GIVEN.
If you weren't such a butt-puppy to the Democratic Party Bosses you might actually have the so called influence of "the 3rd most powerful member of the State Assembly" instead of meekly standing behind Charlotte who is merely a Union County Boss.
The only thing more pathetic than your tired partisan rants of "disrespect" and continually challenging Cory Storch and now Rebecca Williams is the mindless lever pullers who don't realize it shows their lack of intelligence by voting for you.
Again..I hope Mapp, Storch, Williams and McWilliams to remember this example of tired party politics in the next election cycle and promote VOTE SMART -- NOT VOTING DEMOCRAT. Stand up for Jerry's and Sharon's next challenger and show Charlotte and the rest of the Democratic Party bosses that Jerry has lost control of the asylum and has to go. Maybe then Plainfield can move forward.
Governor Christie wouldn't waste the time laughing at Jerry much less take the time to "disrespect" him.
I would suggest Jerry retire while he still has his image and respect of his fellow peers, but that baby obviously went out with the bath water years ago.

Daniel said...

I appreciate your article and I think that, in general, Green needs to move on already.

There are many of us who live in Plainfield that have had enough of the "affordable housing". Plainfield has enough low income housing. A good part of this City seems like one big welfare state!

Those of us who pay our very high property taxes, basically fund the numerous social programs provided by this City, of which residents and non-residents benefit.


This City needs to move on to bigger and better things, and people like Jerry Green purposely keeps certain groups in this City's population under this belt, so that they will always need him.

Where are the jobs? the business development? the industry? that the City needs for ratables and to progress in a way that will allow folks to help themselves instead of always relying on the government to provide them.

We need folks that will plan and provide a bigger and brighter future for all of our residents.



Anonymous said...

Note to Jerry:

Buy Milk.
Walk Dog.
Mow the lawn.
Pack your bags.
Get out of town.

Anonymous said...

Although a few of us blg and post about the pathetic nature of Jerry's stature as an assemblyman, I agree that the most pathetic part of this is that too many DUMB A$$ VOTERS continue to to elect him.

So who more stupid? Jerry, who is as dumb and ignorant as they get (just listen to him speak) or the Voters who elect him?

My vote is for the latter because Jerry cant help his inferior intellect but the voters can choose better leadership.

Anonymous said...

If Daniel were to read Assemblyman Green's blog he would discover that our Assemblyman's affordable housing legislation would PREVENT more low-income housing from coming to our city. We have more than enough already and Assemblyman Green's bill explicitly recognizes that. Unfortunately Christie has vetoed the bill so unless the Republicans in the legislature develop some cojones, however small, we will continue to be stuck with the status quo on affordable housing.

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that the Governor vetoed the bill because Jerry insisted on including another layer of bureaucracy which would have added jobs, bloat, pensions - all the things that Jerry has supported in the past.

So if Jerry would take is own advice and become less concerned about his paycheck, he may actually have decent legislation for housing.

Anonymous said...


You knocked it out of the park! Jerry is a Dumb A$$ but the voters who elect him and the little assistant mayor are to blame.

Anonymous said...

Dan, Jerry's idiotic editorial shows more than anyone can say what an embarrassment he is to Plainfield. Everything he doesn't like he calls a "New Democrat." The readers of the Star-Ledger are probably laughing harder at his foolishness than we know. The statehouse is abuzz with the gossip about Jerry's tantrums. The question is, he has been in power so long, about 30 years,why is Plainfield in the situation it is in? Is he going to blame "New Democrats" for that too? I am not a new Democrat and I see his continued ranting as indicative of disturbances, don't forget that Green as chairman of the Democrats lost the primary in Plainfield for the county organization's choice for sheriff. That does not bode well.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:24--Christie vetoed the bill because it wasn't exactly what he wanted. "Do it my way or else."