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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Should Sharon be recalled? Poll results.

The thoroughly unscientific poll on whether Plainfield Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs should be recalled has closed.

While not 'scientific', it was set up so that folks could only vote once, hence it could not be 'stacked'.

If we use the old community organizer's 'Rule of 10' (i.e., there are ten times as many who share the opinion as voted in the poll), it would appear there are readily in excess of 3,000 people who would vote for the mayor's recall with little or no urging.

That is somewhat less than half the 7,200 or so signatures needed on a recall petition.

Not easy, but not impossible given hard work.

I'll take up the finer points of a recall in a future post.

Meanwhile, thanks to all who took part.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Unscientific . . . I'll say so, I know people who voted 20 times!

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if everyone who voted to recall the mayor would come to the City Council meetings.We The Citizens of Plainfield need to remind the Mayor and the City Council members that they work for us,not we work for them! We VOTED them in and we can VOTE them out! The Council does not want to hold as many meetings as they did a few years ago,but they want to keep the same pay! When they voted themselves a raise with lots of bebefits -- (salary,pension,health bebefits package) worth $25,000 plus++ per year they were meeting 4 times per month.The Council meetings for 2011 are 2 per month? that makes their salary $1,000 per meeting!, and many of them do not read all of their meeting packages that are hand delivered by Gerry Greens Son on a Plainfield Red Fire Truck.If we need to have budget cuts to save an employees job lets start with the Councils salary!

Dan said...

@ 9:28 AM -- Really?! Would that have been 'yes' or 'no' votes?

Truth is, like I said, it was set so it could not be gamed.

Easily, that is.

If you know how to get around that, share it with the world....

Thought so.

Anonymous said...

Well Dan, I voted no 3 times and yes 3 times because every time I logged onto your site I was aked to vote!
Whoever set it and protected it . . . needs to go back to school!


Think again!

Anonymous said...

To 9:50am - Please remember that the council does more than just attend the meetings. They are liaisons to other committees, they attend civic functions, and they answer constituent calls. So, they do much, much more than just attend meetings.

Also, they make $7,000 per year. Even with 100% added for pension and benefits, its only comes to 14k. Not sure about your math.

Anonymous said...

Dan Could you do a survey Poll on Council salary and bebefits? Should the City Council get paid just $1 per year or $1,000. per year with no perks? Election in June. Could be put on the ballot for a vote?

Dan said...

Bigdog: Terminology.

Everyone was allowed to CHANGE their vote as often as they wanted, but not to ADD TO THE TOTAL VOTE, except for their ONE VOTE.

Check out the test I just put up at top of right column.

Note the TOTAL NUMBER OF VOTES CAST before you vote.

Vote. Note new TOTAL.

Change your mind. Note TOTAL is unchanged, though the A or B tally went up and down as you selected.

Everyone only gets one ballot, it counts for the last category they choose once the poll closes.

YEP IS SAID IT!!! said...

Dan -

Don't believe 9:28AM and 10:42AM -Obviously they are sore losers because the YESs beat the NOs.

I will confess -I tried really hard to vote over and over again and it did not work. I even cleaned out my cookies and defragged(sp?) and it DID NOT WORK!

As for 9:28AM - If you voted 20 times that means the YESs won by more of a percentage. YIPPEE!!!

But . . . in my opinion this is only a sample of what the RECALL SHARON team can work with when they begin the process of recalling this sorry @$$ mayor. 9:28AM you made their job a tad easier.

Thanks! And -thank you Dan. This was a survey well done.