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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Chairman Green proposes a slate to fill Council vacancy

No one knows for sure why the jackass is the symbol of the Democratic Party.
Plainfield Democratic City Committee (PDCC) chairperson Assemblyman Jerry Green called a meeting of the committee last night to select three names to propose to the City Council to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Councilor Linda Carter.

The meeting convened under the leadership of Chairperson Green.

Minutes of the previous meeting were provided in writing and unanimously adopted without change or comment.

Treasurer Bill Reid gave a verbal finance report, which was unanimously approved.

Executive Committee member and Ward 2 leader Rebecca Williams moved to open the floor to individual nominations from the 1st and 4th Wards.

Ken Robertson objects; attorney rules Williams out of order.

Attorney states chair may propose a procedure, which may be nomination by slate, which proposal may be debated and voted on; if passed, vote on a slate would be taken.

Motion to consider the procedure is made, seconded, debated.

Roll call of members in attendance taken before vote. 59 members present, nine absent.

Vote on the proposal to have a slate: 32 aye, 26 nay.

Chairperson Green announces his slate: Vera Greaves, Jason Greer and Willie Faulks.

Nominees introduced themselves and offered brief remarks.

Voice vote taken; chair declares in favor of the 'ayes'.

Chairperson Green announced his picks for replacements for empty seats in 2-11 (female) and 3-6 (male).

Moved, seconded and adopted unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned.

Triumphant, democracy marches onward.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

What was very disappointing at the meeting was that the majority of the committee members voted to exclude a real democratic process.

Ms. Williams, and Mr. Estevez suggested that instead of a slate, anyone who wanted to be considered for the council position, which included anyone who lives in the 1st or 4th ward, and committee members themselves, should be given the opportunity. Those eligible would come forward, speak to the committee as to why they want to represent their people, and let the committee vote their preference.

Sadly, this type of democracy was not allowed, and I am at a loss as to why. What is the harm in opening up this city to more people who want to serve? It's no wonder Plainfielders feel hopeless. With this kind of control, (not just Jerry, but the majority of citizens on the committee keeping people out)I understand people who say "what is the point?" Hopefully, at some time, people will realize that this type of democracy is no democracy, but a dictatorship. And that is only good for those in charge.

The sad part is that if the people in Plainfield would get a backbone and vote for what they believe is right, this would go away.

Again, I have no idea why it is unacceptable to exclude all people who are qualified and interested in filling a council seat (especially since it involves money and benefits - aren't those wards hit hardest with the economy? Why can only a few select people take advantage of the money?)come forward, state their interest and have the committee vote? Anyone care to explain?

Anonymous said...

You missed the part about how Jerry droned on for about half an hour about his accomplishments.

What made this amusing is that Jerry said, at the reorg meeting, that he did not know if he could continue to live in this state after he retired because it is so expensive.

In the past 10 years, NJ taxes were raised over 75% and NJ went from being the 4th friendlies state in which to do business to number 46 (small business) and 50 (large business). I guess voting to raise taxes to the current level are also part of his accomplishments.

Anonymous said...

For those who are interested in Jerry Green's drones during the Committee meeting check out YouTube -

Anonymous said...

RE: Jerry Green's slate

Jerry Green did not remember or could not pronounce the names on his slate. He continuously referred to Mr. Faulks as "Willie" and he fumbled with Vera Greaves last name.

His sickness is getting the best of him.

Rob said...

and people are surprise by the lack of a democratic process why??
Is Jerry Green new in town ?
I guess there are a lot of people who thought that there was a slight frost in hell the morning of the meeting..
Hey..I have an idea..lets all vote Jerry Green into office AGAIN and act surprised at what he does!

Anonymous said...

Why didn't the ND's, just propose their own slate?

Anonymous said...

Dan, the members voted by roll call on the issue of voting for the chairman's slate. Sorry you missed that. Transparency is a good thing!

Anonymous said...

The members did vote by roll call on the issue of voting by slate. I hope you are not assuming that it was fair.

First, I am not sure the people who voted for the slate even knew who was on the slate.

Second, if you would have been there to see how intimidating and bully like Green can be, I am sure you would agree that people who may have had another point of view about voting for a slate were not in the least likely to vote their conscience.

Anonymous said...

The video has been removed from YouTube:(