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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Reader-submitted snow pix the Internet ate (last week's storm)

The above shots are from reader Cherie B., out her back window and a favorite pillow.

Annette B's dogs refused to go out unless a nice path was shoveled by guess who.
Plainfield Today readers submitted pix of last week's snow storm, which the Internet seems to have eaten.

Herewith, again, plus a few of my own.

Lisa S. had this dramatic view of Berkeley Avenue toward Dixie Lane.

Meanwhile, Gerry H. found this nice composition on Madison Avenue.

While NJT provides the bus shelters throughout the city,
removing the snow is the City's responsibility.
Conditions like this invite slip-and-fall lawsuits against the City.

Another view of Berkeley Avenue, from Tony R., who labels it 'Plainfield, Alaska'.

And a few from my house --

A view of the house by Nat.

And a view by moi, after shoveling the walk.

The vehicles, and the PMUA cans were immobilized.

The Victorian 'gingerbread' makes nice patterns with the snow.

T.J., our daily house guest, doesn't like the snow that much,
but he knows there's a warm blanket and a treat waiting at the end of the walk.
Feel free to send any you like from the current storm -- as there is supposed to be a lot of ice, there may be some interesting frozen trees and shrubs tomorrow AM.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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