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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Council's public interview of candidates a welcome move

One sign of 'just and capable government' spotted.
Plainfield's City Council, under the leadership of Council President Annie McWilliams, publicly interviewed candidates for the Council seat left vacant by Linda Carter, and for commissioners on the Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority at Monday night's agenda-setting session.

I cannot ever remember public interviews.

McWilliams invited individual Council members to give her questions to be asked of each person interviewed. During the interviews, only the person being interviewed was in the room, the others being asked to wait in the rotunda for their turns so that none would be influenced by the answers of any other.

Decisions on the Council vacancy and other appointments will be made at next TUESDAY'S Council meeting (date shifted owing to Monday being observed as Martin Luther King Day).

A very refreshing change, in line with the Council's efforts to make its deliberations more transparent.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Blackdog said...

This type of thing has always seemed dishonest to me. We voted the original in and we should have had the right to vote her replacement in! If when they decide to run for another office politicians are required to resign from their current position, then we the people could vote in the replacement.The way it is now , the pol always wins and the people always lose!
But I guess this is the reason why people distrust politicians more than lawyers and used car salesmen!

Anonymous said...

It was a refreshing change, but the candidates were not impressive. Good people, but clueless about what is going on in Plainfield, and even more upsetting is clueless about the time which they will have to devote to this position.

One wonders about the choices of the chairman of the PDCC. It does not appear that he knows what is necessary to help run this city.

Anonymous said...

Why bring someone in who lost by the vote of the people? Typical Plainfield politics

Anonymous said...

10:25 and 7:27 -It isn't about being impressive or whether you lost in a previous election!

These individuals were selected by Jerry Green. He has selected three Mini Mes. Now council will have to select one of these candidates to serve on the council until the next immediate election. The voting citizens of Plainfield will have to put forth THEIR candidate and campaign for THEIR candidate during the election.

All isn't lost.