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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Assemblyman Green, Gov. Christie on affordable housing merry-go-round?

Plainfield Assemblyman Jerry Green just ain't gettin' nothin' but disrespect from Gov. Chris Christie, who yesterday conditionally vetoed the affordable housing bill over which the Assemblyman has labored so mightily since last Spring.

In his veto memo, Christie said --
If the goal of this legislation is to replace an already broken system for providing affordable housing with a common sense, predictable and achievable process, then this bill sorely misses the mark...
Each of the three news reports cited below gives a good summary of the legislation's progress so far, though I think the NJ Newsroom version is ahead by a nose.

Will the legislation, which I think will be seen as Jerry's enduring legislative legacy after a long career in the Assembly, ever get signed? Sen. Lesniak thinks so.


But as far as Jerry and 'respect' go, I cannot help but notice that every time the bill is in trouble or being dumped on, it is Jerry's bill, and when folks are lining up for the celebratory photo opportunity, it is Sen. Lesniak's bill.

What kind of 'respect' is that?

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

I noticed the same thing, Dan. What I also noticed was that Jerry's plan, from what I read, added another department. If true, it means more people/pensions and benefits. Does that translate into Jerry having more jobs to hand out?

Time to go Jerry.

Blackdog said...

If Jerry honestly believes that Plainfield is full of washed up,has beens with no life who disagree with him because they are jealous of him, why does he have a Million dollar office here?
Would you want to be somewhere and spend your money,(Oops! I mean our money!) where you are not wanted or respected?

Anonymous said...

Million dollar office??? Where???
You don't mean the Watchung Ave storefront, do you?