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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow, snow, snow: Reader-submitted photos

Reader Jose M. had to start here...
With Plainfield buried under its seventh snowstorm of the 2010-11 season, here are some reader-submitted pix from the December storm.

...And then deal with this street scene.

A series from reader Rob, from top --
West 8th Street facing west; the French School of Music and Victorian next door;
Higgins Home for Funerals; Library Park from his front porch; and West 8th Street toward Park Avenue.

These shots from reader Nancy U. are from her Sleepy Hollow Lane neighborhood:
Homes across street; Sleepy Hollow Lane plowed but empty; and a car waiting to be dug out
at Fernwood and Sleepy Hollow Lanes.

Lastly, reader Joan sends a snap of her deck, referencing the national anthem
with the title 'And our flag was still there'.
Have some interesting shots of this latest storm?

Forward them to me at plaindan at gmail dot com and I'll put them up. (Details about location appreciated.)

Now, pardon me while I get out the shovel and get to work...again.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Rob said...

I took some more this morning....will be hours before I have tne energy to upload them.......I liked NJ because of the mild winters...damn global warming.

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful. Let's hope we all look at these pictures and the weather through grateful eyes.

We can view them through the warmth of our homes and knowing we have the warmth of friends and family.

Anonymous said...

I think DPW did a great job clearing the roads early this morning. I left for work at 6:30am and Watchung and Leland Avenues were in good shape.

GB said...

Now a Blogger Pundit doing manual labor would be worth a picture !!

Anonymous said...

As of 5:32pm today Watchung avenue and Park Avenue from east 2nd to 7th street needs to be cleaned or at the very least salted, it is a sheet of ice. DPW in Plainfield did a horrible job as always, just go out and try to drive down the streets and see for yourself.