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Friday, January 21, 2011

Plainfield gang warfare moving to 'collateral damage'?

Tags in investigation of bullet holes in vehicle.
Is Plainfield 's gang warfare moving to 'collateral damage'** -- attacks aimed at targets other than gang member themselves?

Could be.

While the City Council wrestled with filling a vacant seat, rejiggering the layoff plan and other business on Tuesday evening, it appears the gangs spread their violence to a quiet corner of the Second Ward.

In an early morning email on Wednesday, I was told of 5-7 gunshots reported around 8:45 PM on Tuesday, in the Watchung/Carlton/Cedarbrook Road neighborhood.

Two cars were hit on Carlton Avenue and, I am told, the house of the parents of a gang member was shot at.

This was confirmed by other residents later.

In addition, got word that the home of a well-known 4th Ward figure was shot up by gang members.

How can the police ever cope if they not only have to shadow gang members, but worry about extended family members' homes, and attacks on property?

Where is the so-called 'plan' Mayor Robinson-Briggs told Gov. Christie at the Frontiers breakfast that her administration is working on (see here)?

Meanwhile, I am told that Public Safety Director Hellwig is on an unnanounced and unexplained leave as of today, and that Capt. (and former police chief) Edward Santiago is in charge of the Police Division.

Nothing but drama with Robinson-Briggs.

**'Collateral damage' is military language for unintended casualties or civilian property damage as the result of a military operation.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Daniel said...

It's obvious authorities know who these gang members are, where they live and what they do; why can't they be taken off the streets?? why??

Anonymous said...

Hellwig lost his power when he was caught participating in an illegal act. Santiage couldn't even get the police officers trained to write speeding tickets. We need the County or State to come in, take over, and get our guys crackin'.

We have a great police department, most of them well intended, but as with our administration, no leadership or respect at the top.

The citizens need to figure out how we can run the city for the next three years, because obviously, for the past 6 there has been no direction.

I understand that the mayor ran on making Plainfield safe - isn't this worse than when she took office? It sure feels that way.

Bob said...

Can we wait for Sharon to do her, non-job, thing or for Hellwig. Hellwig is probably on a vacation, busy emailing male prostitutes. He's as ineffective as Sharon and can be quickly and correctly replaced by our old police chief.

Anonymous said...

Public Safety Director Helwig is a joke. He is clueless and useless.

The gang situation will not be taken seriously until the gangs start targeting police officers. Then we will see swift action and arrests will be made, murders solved....
That is what is happening in Lakewood.

Anonymous said...

Hellwig on an unexpected leave...another suspension maybe or could it be stress leave because he can't cope with his job and finally realizing he doesn't have clue about running a police department in a crime ridden city!Whatever the reason, I along with many others hope it's permanent!

And Briggs chooses to fire Bibi?! Maybe Bibi should have solicited a prostitue on Craigslist and got caught, Sharon would have had a press conference showing her support for her!

olddoc said...

I hope "Chief" Santiago is given the authority and backing he needs. The worst criminal act in he city was the political vendetta that caused the removing the Police Chief position.

Dan said...

Note to all 'Malwiggers' -- I am told the leave is because of a death in the family. Fair enough.

Anonymous said...

I hope this is a start for the return of the Chief of Police
Bring back Chief Santiago you can do it Yes We Can....

Anonymous said...

Enough of this nonsense. What we need is a mass resignation of the entire city Administration. They are incapable of dealing with the gangs or providing that meaningful opportunities are available for that portion of the population that is most at risk. It is time for the mayor and her entire cabinet to step aside for the goood of the city. That big sucking sound is the vacuum of leadership in City Hall.

Anonymous said...

I just had a scary thought! Answer this question, "who needs criminals?" Why the police, the prosecutors, the forensic scientists, the judges and the lawyers! Now if they actually did something about the problem in the streets, we wouldn't need so many 6 figure salaried people on the payroll! We could probably let go of half of them at a great savings!
Christie talks about firing teachers who do not perform . . . WELL!
Someone should tell Corzinne that the death penalty may not be a deterrent but it is a penalty that fits a lot of crimes, and those that is nabbed and jabbed will never hurt another human being in this lifetime.