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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Man shot as mayor delivers 'State of City' address

Plainfield's first shooting of 2011 took place in the Netherwood area
as Mayor Robinson-Briggs delivered her 'State of the City' address.

Plainfield police and EMTs were scrambling to save the life of a man shot multiple times in the Netherwood neighborhood as Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs was delivering her 'State of the City Address' at the City Council's reorganization meeting Monday evening.

My cellphone began receiving a string of text messages shortly after Robinson-Briggs said 'too many of our angels have seen their lives cut short' and called for a moment of silence in memory of those slain in 2010.

It soon became clear the shooting had happened in the 1100-block of East 7th Street, and that a medevac had been summoned to Maxson Middle School across the corner to airlift the critically wounded man to RWJ.

The number of wounds suffered by the victim was first texted to me as three, then five, and finally nine (as also reported by Mark Spivey in the Courier here, and Bernice at Plaintalker II here).

Spivey left the Council meeting after the mayor's address, and told me an hour or so later that he was filing a story on the shooting.

Mayor Robinson-Briggs, saying that in 'the past few years I have presented an insurmountable amount of information' in her State of the City addresses, told Monday's audience that after seeing how it is done in Piscataway (in 12 minutes, no less!), she would be briefer this year and would have her full presentation handed out.

I hope that it is on the city's website shortly.

Meanwhile, the Council reorganization went smoothly in an atmosphere of general bonhomie.

Newly elected Councilor Rebecca Williams and re-elected Council Bill Reid were both sworn in.

Reid chose to have Assemblyman Jerry Green swear him in, to which Judge Joan Robinson-Gross -- apparently surprised by the move -- graciously gave way. Reid's public remarks closed with a paean to Assemblyman Green, to which there was a smattering of applause from the packed courtroom.

Judge Robinson-Gross then administered the affirmation of Councilor Williams, who was surrounded by Councilor Adrian Mapp and his wife Amelia, Councilor Cory Storch and friend Bobby Gregory. Rebecca was welcomed with hearty applause from the many friends and supporters who were present.

Annie McWilliams was again elected Council president and Adrian Mapp was voted chair of the committee of the whole. Their excellent teamwork this past year was refreshing, and we may expect more of the same from this duo in 2011.

Resolutions of thanks for the service of Linda Carter, who departs the Council to become a Union County Freeholder; and former Councilor Rashid Burney were read into the record. Linda made brief remarks thanking Plainfield residents for their support over the years, but especially in the past general election.

Other resolutions made routine appointments and parceled out 24-hour vehicles.

Despite a call from Dr. Harold Yood to go back to the old schedule of two business meetings a month, the Council adopted a 2011 meeting schedule of one business meeting per month, with Councilors Mapp and Williams voting 'no', in support of Dr. Yood's proposal.

Deputy Clerk 'AJ' Jalloh handled his duties of presiding over the meeting until the election of the Council president with aplomb, not even appearing to break a sweat. Well done.

Missing from the evening's business were various other matters usually routinely dealt with at the reorganization -- designation of bank depositories, and delegations of Councilors to various and sundry duties, such as the Joint Insurance Fund and Board of Ed, PMUA and Housing Authority liaisons. Am assuming these will be taken up anon.

While the meeting seemed to get the City off on a good footing for the New Year, the shooting on the very night of the reorganization reminds one and all of the weighty matters that still face the Robinson-Briggs administration in 2011.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Dan Dan Dan . . . where do I begin?

During the open microphone session of the council meeting a woman by the name of Sandra (did not clearly hear her last name) approached the council and became very emotional while she spoke of a Ricky Williams harassing her at a previous council meeting. Councilwoman McWilliams said she would look into the matter and the so called mayor responded by saying, "Well there are three sides to that story."

Unfreakenbelievable!!! Couldn't she just say, "Yes we will investigate"? Nooooo -she had to take another jab at this woman.

Now Dan -The unfortunate episode between this woman and Ricky Williams was told to me by two individuals who witnessed the entire mishap. At the end of the council meeting while following the herd of people out of the courtroom, I noticed this woman was in front of me. I told her I heard about her story from someone else and I was sorry for her. Behind me was Peter Briggs and he interrupted my conversation by coming between us and rudely told her that she was disrespectful. At that moment I was furious and was about to say something when I saw the police officer nearby. As Peter Briggs lit into this already violated woman, I followed the stream of people out the door. I was certain the police officer would end the confrontation that PB had begun. Well -NO the police officer did not. And -NO Peter Briggs did not stop. The police officer followed me outside the courthouse and PB continued to harass the woman. This police officer stood outside the door -in the cold- of the police station while this woman was once again harassed by one of the Sharon's peeps!

I am going to hold onto my identity until the next council meeting. Perhaps I can be the third side to this woman's three sided story.


Anonymous said...

They mayor's address had to substance to it, as did the hand out she gave to the people. No idea how to cut costs - and touting C-Town and a Chicken restaurant as her major economic development accomplishments was humorous.

Jerry Green stated that he did not know if he could remain living in New Jersey because of the high cost of living. Can you imagine!
Who voted for all the tax raises and overruns, and who is not supporting the Governor in trying to reduce costs? You guessed it - JG. I think all people who have been in office in New Jersey should be mandated to retire here so that they can be victims of their reckless and greedy votes.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can get Jeff Yingling to head a rally against violence . . . he is such an upstanding citizen! He did such a good job with the Rescue Squad Fundraiser!

Anonymous said...

No slide show?

Blackdog said...

Let us start off with the question. Is this the same Rick Williams who was once a Plainfield cop and them a Plainfield Fireman? If it is, is he still prone to playing around and drawing handguns on children in fun? I bet Jack Plum has a lot of input on him then!
And as for the Mayor, she is just waiting for everyone to come to their senses to see what a marvelous administrator and all round person she is!
You can basically believe anything you hear about PB!
Now concerning JG, let him move! Doesn't he have to be a resident of NJ to remain in the Assembly?
Now 5:04, I get really rankled when Jeff Yingling's name is mentioned . . . and to put his name forward to lead an anti violence rally after what he did to those children in the west end near his home!I am livid!

Anonymous said...