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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Will rooftop nightclub on PNC Bank be visible from street?

Roofline of the old United National Bank, seen from Los Faraones nightclub.

Will the nightclub be visible from the street?

That is the question that seemed to concern Historic Preservation Commission members a good deal at last week's meeting where developer Frank Cretella made a presentation on his plans for the PNC building (known to locals as the United National Bank), a property at Park Avenue and West Second Street that is in the North Avenue Historic District.

There was also talk -- somewhat less -- concerning the proposed move of the 19th-century commercial building on the bank's parking lot, which was used by UNB as its 'Community Education Center', but since has been deglamorized to a records depository.

Much of the talk concerned whether the nightclub -- which will be 12 feet in height, sited on the left edge of the roof and set back from the Park Avenue side by 37 feet -- will be visible from the street.

It's a logical question, but one that Cretella's team had not been prepared to answer with any schematics.

I took some photos, and it seems to me that it is not likely to be visible from any approach, with the possible exception of standing directly in front of Los Faraones, a nightclub occupying another of Plainfield's historic bank premises (though this one is not protected by any historic designation, and you can tell the difference).

Here are views of the old UNB building from several perspectives about which the HPC had questions --

The existing HVAC seems to be taller than the proposed nightclub.

View of the UNB/PNC building from Al McWilliams Plaza.

The roofline from Park Avenue, near Second Street.

Directly across from the bank at the Second Street corner.

The UNB/PNC building, as seen from North Avenue at Park Avenue.

There were also questions about the view
of the bank's roof from North Avenue. And the answer is.....?

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Why would the Administration agree to a night club in Plainfield? Isn't this just a 'big draw' for trouble? I seem to recall past articles in the Courier News about gun shots and stabbings outside of Plainfield clubs. I think we already have enough of this without providing a place to encourage it.

Rob said...

I do have to say would be nice if we had a simple "bar" in downtown Plainfield. Nice...not thug or ghetto'esque...but a nice place throw back a pint or two somewhere near the train station. Maybe a juke box etc...but no dj's, no dancing...a bar. I hate admitting I am too old for a nightclub. I wish it well though and hope it's not like the other "rougher" establishments in town..

Blackdog said...

You need to drive to Westfield or Garwood or Summit to find a bar or club you do not have to walk into alert and armed!
Mark Twain once said that he had never met a man that alcohol had made a better person out of . . . and I tend to agree with him!