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Saturday, September 18, 2010

BREAKING: Cops pull teens from burning wreck

Just learned Plainfield police rescued some teenagers from a serious crash last night after their car hit a tree on East Front Street near Netherwood Avenue and burst into flames. A reader reported flames shooting twenty feet into the air.

Nice when 'serve and protect' means something other than gangsta goins' on!

Be thankful for our police and firefighters every day.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Amazing - and this was done without any crash and burn technology

Anonymous said...

We do appreciate our police and fire personnel No a job I would do. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hello,not to take any credit from the Plainfield Police for the great work that they do but they did not rescue the teens it was two citizens of our fine city. And we plan to recognize them for that brave act.

Blackdog said...

I am very curious . . . several days and nothing said in the courier or ledger about this accident. I guess someone has to die (the sensationalism of it), before they write about Plainfield. When lives are saved by our citizens, and our police and fire departments do an exemplary job, it is not newsworthy! Negativity alone sells newspapers. What say you Mr. Spivey?

Dan said...

Blackdog -- Please cut the guy some slack. The accident happened Friday night. He's a working stiff like the rest of us. He gets Sat and Sun off. Not Spivey's fault the story's not covered. And the Courier has hardly anybody to cover news over the weekend -- whatever town it happens in.

Meanwhile, I was told this AM that the 17-yr-old driver has been declared brain dead.

What on earth was on those kids' minds???

Blackdog said...

I know grifters that aren't as smooth as he is!

Anonymous said...