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Thursday, September 9, 2010

H.E.R.I.T.A.G.E. Choir sets itself Guinness records challenges

About fifty supporters and forty-plus members of the H.E.R.I.T.A.G.E. Choir turned out for last night's mysterious meeting at Emerson  School. Plainfield Today as well as the Courier and the Ledger reporters were on hand.

H.E.R.I.T.A.G.E. Choir founder Donovan Soumas made a presentation that marked the official launch of his effort for the Choir and its supporters to pull off a Guinness World Records DOUBLE COUP -- for both the largest Gospel choir (1,000 is the current record) and the most people performing sign language simultaneously to the same song (4,796 is the current record).

The challenge is to break the records at an event titled 'TAKING IT TO THE STREETS: Rally for Peace in our Communities' set for Saturday, October 2.

Organizers are looking for support in several ways -- recruiting those to sing in the mass choir, and volunteers to work on 'tank teams' dealing with Production, Marketing and Finance.

For more information or to volunteer, contact the organizers by --

The group's enthusiasm for the project reminded me of my Methodist roots, where we organized to raise our wooden country church off its mud-floored basement to build a new and modern concrete block one. Everyone was invited, everyone was enthused, everyone was put to work.

Being Methodists, we believed in 'organizing to beat the Devil'.

I have a feeling that in dealing with the Guinness folks organizing in that vein will be a key to success.

Meanwhile, mark your calendar, find a way to contribute to the effort, and pass the word.

Rally for Peace in our Communities

Saturday, October 2
9 AM - 6 PM

Cedar Brook Park

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Since when did we agree to live in a theocratic matriarchy where the mayor and board of ed declare their support of a gospel choir hymn-singing stunt/fundraiser? If the mayor thinks it's a good idea let her do it without her title, same for Edwards and Hernandez. As representatives of public entities they have no business promoting the expression of one set religious beliefs over others. I don't want one penny of my taxes spent on this rally. Let the organizers do it on their own, which includes paying for any and all police, fire and emergency services support.

And please don't tell me I don't understand the community, that we're somehow special and exempt from the usual rules. Claiming special stature derived from local culture is exactly the excuse used to justify "states' rights" claims. If it's not valid for that use it's not valid for one in Plainfield.

Rob said...

Admirable attempt for anyone attaching the word "PLAINFIELD" to the cause..Maybe her high priestess the Mayor could invite the gangs she claims she's been preaching to....Just a thought, to up the attendance level.

Anonymous said...

4:09 --you are a Fool! They are a "SHOW" choir, you inserted the word "Gospel" to meet your own need to rant. No where on ANY of the messaging from either of these organization did it say Gospel. It was Dan Damon who mention "his" religious practices in writing this piece.

Get over yourself. It's going to happen and YOU -- just like Satan Can't STOP it!

Rob said...

To Anonymous at 7:43AM who said: "It's going to happen and YOU -- just like Satan Can't STOP it!" ... I do believe Dan mentioned Mayor Sharon was supporting it..

Anonymous said...

etRob you are a classless as your comments.

Rob said...

I try to stay just below the bar set by Jerry Green and Sharon Robinson-Briggs..but thank you for giving me that extra credit.

Anonymous said...

Gee 7:43, or is it RAH, as Dan accurately reported, "During this event, we will seek to break the records for Largest Gospel Choir", which is copied directly from HERITAGE INC's web site. They also have on their home page their YouTube video, "Prayer of Fellowship". So if they are secular why do they put themselves in the category of Gospel choir, and why do they have a video prayer? And I didn't say don't hold it, I just don't want public resources used for a religious based event.

By the way, learn how to write like an adult without using all caps for emphasis. Your substitution of shouting for style is a bad influence on the children of the district.

Anonymous said...

Hello 6:44 -- A secular organization can't sing Gospel music. LOL. Ut-Oh!

-- it's a good thing YOU can STOP it.

Regards, Renata