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Monday, September 27, 2010

Proposed Historic Districts: Unofficial Maps

Properties proposed for INCLUSION in new historic district(s)
Plainfield's Historic Preservation Commission will have before it at tomorrow's meeting summary tables of properties to be considered for inclusion in -- AND EXCLUSION FROM -- a possible new historic district (or districts).

It is an open question if the meeting will be as contentious as last month's was, when property owners descended with their concerns en masse (see my previous report here).

Herewith are my unofficial maps of the proposed inclusions and exclusions.

Properties NOT PROPOSED FOR INCLUSION in new historic district(s)

Note that though based on the tables released by the HPC, they are UNOFFICIAL.

Also, note that I had questions about them as I drew the outlines -- for instance, are the Woodland Avenue properties between Highland and Prospect included? Given that Evergreen is proposed to include up to Woodland Avenue, the table seems to exclude two properties between Highland and Prospect.

These are fine points that will certainly be sorted out by the HPC either among themselves or in response to questions from property owners.

Nonetheless, the maps seem to me to make a pretty good case for th
e CREATION of probably two new historic districts bracketing the existing Hillside Avenue HD roughly from Watchung Avenue to Evergreen Avenue.

All the properties from Martine Avenue to Marlborough/Thornton Avenues and thence to Park Avenue are NOT RECOMMENDED for inclusion in any proposed historic district.

Any proposal by the Historic Preservation Commission will have to be adopted by the City Council, which will probably find the proposal(s) much more to its liking now that the 'stairstep streets' have been removed from consideration.


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Anonymous said...

It is important to note that it wasn't until a large group of residents attended the last HPC meeting that we had any progress in over a year in terms of defining the proposed district. Because of the residents appearing at the meeting, the proposed district was defined in four (4) weeks time. To date there has never been any communication from the HPC to inform or educate the residents in the proposed district.

Wil Gipp