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Monday, September 13, 2010

Bailey interviewed for Plainfield schools job as lawsuit is on Courier's front page?

State's investigation highlighted matters inviting
questions of Dr. Bailey's collusion or competence.

A tipster told me on Friday that former Plainfield Public Schools personnel director Dr. Garnell Bailey was interviewing for an administrative position with the District on Friday morning, even as her LAWSUIT AGAINST THE DISTRICT was featured on page one of that day's Courier (see here).

Am I the only one who thinks it might be an ethical lapse to consider hiring as an employee a person who has just initiated a lawsuit against you?

And, as a public entity, a lawsuit that is likely to cost Plainfield taxpayers big time if it is successful?

See my previous trepidations on this topic here.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Bailey will agree to drop the lawsuit if she's rehired, that way it won't cost the taxpayers anything in cash right now, but it might raise significantly the soft costs of lower credibility of the BOE among Bailey's administrative peers and decreased teacher retention and satisfaction. Everything has a cost.

Rob said...

Dan...per the ethical lapse..this is Plainfield..c'mon.
You could point out how downright FOOLISH it would be to even walk down that path with an interview and it still wouldn't sink in to those people.

Anonymous said...

Having even considering Bailey for a position in the PPS was be a step backward. First all what about the other candidates who have applied for the job, or is this another poor move on the board. Bailey is not the right fit for PPS she lacks the necessary people person as well as professionalism needed to be effective. She has left a bad taste in many Plainfield residents mouths and to even consider rehiring her would be a great mistake. Secondly she is suing the district for wrong doing with that in play having her as a possible candidate would be a conflict of interest.

Anonymous said...


If your tipster is for real, then we can only hope the true colors of this board and this administration show once and for all. If hired, Dr. Bailey could answer the myriad of questions that her early departure left unanswered, and the State could re-initiate its investigation into the HR department under her command. That is one side of it. The other is if as your 6:42 readers says, Dr. Bailey is hired under the pretense of dropping the lawsuit, then, wouldn't this be consider "blackmail"? Either way, everything comes with a price.


Anonymous said...

The lawsuit by Bailey and interviewing for the job amounts to straight up extortion.

The board needs to RE-READ the OFAC report. Just several months ago she stated that she left the district because she was sick.

She never raised the issues of her lawsuit.

Maybe Bailey should read the OFAC report herself. Her name is all over it.