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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

BREAKING: 2 shootings, stolen car crash overnight

Plainfield saw violence again overnight Sunday.

Two separate shootings in the West End include a cabbie shot in the head on Spooner Avenue, and a man shot three times on Brokaw Boulevard. Am told it does not look good for either shooting victim.

Am also told a stolen car reportedly crashed at Clinton Avenue and South Second Street, also in the West End.

UPDATE 1:00 PM: Courier has breaking news item here; see Ledger here.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well the cabbie has died. No longer are the shootings just gang/drug related. This is just getting ridiculous and completely out of hand that this is going on. Whoever did this needs to be found and made an example of and everyone in Plainfield needs to know what happened.

Anonymous said...

News reporting the Cab driver passed away

Anonymous said...

Great, my house value just went down another 10%... Thank you entitled thugs!!!

Blackdog said...

We have to model our jails after the Japanese . . . once you've been incarcerated there, you try never to go back again!
To hear these kids talk, it's summer camp, job traing and higher ed all rolled into one . . . not to mention freee medical and dental!

Anonymous said...

I feel for the victim. It seems Plainfield has no hope. It is time to leave this town and move to a community where its citizens are protect from thugs as this low life that took this honest man's life.

Anonymous said...

And some citizens in the 4th Ward says that they don't want shot spotter because of property value. The system would have probably alerted authorities to the murder, before the victim's cab hit the parked car. A nearby police car could have probably caught the murderers running away. It could have probably told the officers if the other person was lying about getting shot on Front Street.
We are our biggest enemies sometime. I guess we will be laying off cops and firemen next.

Dan said...

@ 2:40 PM -- So a man is murdered while trying to make an honest living, and your first thought is your property values?

What is running in your veins?

Dan said...

@ 2:22 AM -- I have never heard anyone say that ShotSpotter would recognize a gun being fired INSIDE a building or vehicle.

If you know otherwise, give chapter and verse.

Otherwise, lay off the hype.