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Friday, September 3, 2010

Plainwood Square concert closes summer; many thanks to Pat Fields

Pat Fields tirelessly plans and promotes the summer concert series.

Last night's 'makeup' concert at Plainwood Square drew an enthusiastic crowd of upwards of 200 for a performance by Ray, Goodman and Brown that had been interrupted by rain during the original August gig.

It was good seeing friends from all over town (a little shoutout to old friends Betty Blake, Jean Black and Al and Rosemary Pittis, and elected officials Cory Storch, Adrian Mapp and Lenny Cathcart).

The easy pace of the evening gave plenty of time for schmoozing and gossip (got a couple of good tips!) as well as the music -- tho it is was a little too dark for my little cellphone camera to get the musicians in performance.

Thanks are due to all the sponsors, but especially to Donna Albanese and the crew from the Plainwood Square Merchants Association who put this all together every summer for the entire community.

And to Pat Fields, tireless promoter and organizer of events for Plainfielder pleasure.

Thanks to all for another summer of music, fun and camaraderie!

Old friends Betty Blake and Jean Black joined others at the concert.

Plenty of room to bring your own folding chair.

Warming up the crowd.

Board of Ed member Lenny Cathcart stakes out a good spot.

Pat Fields and Plainwood Square leaders take the stage.

Look for the concert on Plainfield's cable channel,
thanks to BC Productions, which tapes city events.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Yep I Said It! said...

Congratulations Pat Fields!
Once again an event well done!

Prof. Williams said...

Pat did a fantastic job! So proud of her!


Anonymous said...

It was a wonderful event. Now let's get South Ave. cleaned up. Get nice restaurants in the area - artisan and small owner shops and get rid of C-Town for Trader Joe's. More shop owners - more concerts (sorry Pat - don't mean to make more work for you) and a better Plainfield. Thanks Pat.