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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Perfect day for Art Festival, will the compliment be returned?

Bev's advice for shoppers.

Looks like a perfect day for Plainfield's 47th Annual Outdoor Festival of Art, a compliment from Mother Nature. I'll be there, and hope to see you there, too.

It's an open question whether things will be on an uphill trend or continue the slow slide seen the last couple of years.

Whatever, the weather couldn't be more perfect.

So the 'rain location' won't be an issue.


Will fine artists of previous years return?


It's also about just having fun.

47th Annual Outdoor Festival of Art

10 AM - 4 PM

Library Park
West 8th Street and Arlington Avenue
(RAIN LOCATION: Washington Community School)

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Is Dave Wynn in charge of this?

Anonymous said...

Dan, your actually a very talented writter. Reader would appreciate more positive stories about the City and less negative! How long will this last?

Bob said...

I attended the Festival today and was so disappointed. I attended my first Festival of Art in 1984 and was in awe at the many artists of all kinds. Since the current administration has been in office the Festival has gone down hill at full speed.

I got there in time with my family in time to hear the mayor speak. She didn't get any applause where I was and she didn't deserve any. I used to be so proud of Plainfield's Festival of Art and Car Show and people came from all over the state. There were, perhaps, a dozen artists including jewelry and other arts. I can remember when the park was covered with artists and visitors from all over the state. I'm also sad to see that the City has not attended the beautiful and large trees in the Library Park. In the 80s the whole park was in shade and the trees are dieing from pollution and global warming and intentional neglect by the city. I enjoyed being with my family, but many people talked about what it used to be like and were as sad as I was. Come on mayor, do your job and get something going that we can be proud of. You've done a poor job so far and the public is still waiting for you to produce something good for us.

Blackdog said...

Wynn or lose, it was a beautiful day! Anon 8:02, do you say baa humbug at Christmas?

Rob said...

I went..and LOVED IT AGAIN. This is my 2nd time attending since I live across the street it's so easy to go. My windows in my apartment were open all day so I could enjoy the music.
I would love to have seen it when there were many more artists and vendors though as it honestly seemed like there were less this year, than last.
I was very glad to see students there selling food ( I believe there should be food vendors ringing the entire perimeter of the park ). Maybe we could get the council to make this an event run by a commission or committee ?? I would certainly volunteer ( like I tried with the shade tree commission )as I know several artists who would attend.
One thing, as a city, I would do to get more people having a positive buzz over this. For all the crap this administration wastes money on ( and YES many more before it ), why not buy a tank of helium and 1000 balloons and get a group to simply give them away to kids. PLAIN BALLOONS NOT VOTE FOR ( insert current shill of the local party boss )or even PLAINFIELD ARTS FESTIVAL. Or have support the Art's and charge .50 or $1 for the balloons. If kids are happy, parents are happy. This would MINIMAL costs, less than food at a government function was or is.
I really do take issue though with the Sharon ( and Mayor Al did it also, shame on him too )politicizing the event and having her name on the ribbons going out to the artists. The ribbons should simply say Plainfield Art Festival ....not brought to you by Mayor Sharon Robinson Briggs as I am sure her involvement with anything but showing up was minimal. If one of her minion would like to disprove me on that statement ...feel free.

Rob said...

and this sentence - I really do take issue though with the Sharon ( and Mayor Al did it also, shame on him too )politicizing - SHOULD HAVE READ..." and IF Mayor Al did it also, shame on him too..."
Sorry for quick early morning typing

Anonymous said...

To 5:12 pm - No, actually I love Christmas. I was asking because I did not know if this was a city event or put on privately. You know what happens when you assume.