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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Violence resumes with multiple shootings, carjacking

Plainfield's brief respite from violence ended over the weekend with multiple shootings and a carjacking.

Saturday night there was gunfire at West 4th Street and Plainfield Avenue. No one was struck.

Overnight Sunday, there was a carjacking at gunpoint at Liberty and West Front Streets.

Late Monday night there were two separate shooting incidents in which victims were struck by bullets --
  • 500-block of West 4th Street
  • West 3rd Street and Prescott Place
All this as the Council hears of the need for some financial assistance with the Open Gym nights at Washington and Emerson schools during August, and ponders issuing bonds to help pay for gunshot-spotting technology.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps the state should just take over the whole city. Lets use more tax payer dollars from all the afflent communities. They deserve it.

Anonymous said...

I believe there was also shooting on the east end last night. You could hear the constant popping and police cars speeding through the areas of East Front and Leland Avenue.

This is getting crazy.

Bob said...

All the talk and all the attention getting of the mayor haven't done much to solve this problem. We need action and I'm not sure the gun shot detection program will solve this or help. I hope the City Council looks closely at this. If it only covers the center of Plainfield and not most of the City, then I'd say it's not worth it.

Anonymous said...

I hope the people who live in the areas where there is violence will be brave and give the police their total cooperation. It is only after they refuse to be bullied will they be able to live in peace. Here's hoping.

Anonymous said...

The smoke and mirrors show at Washington has proven worthless in stopping the violence. WBLS got paid! Sharpton got paid! But the community still loses.

Jerry, call the Governor and remind him whose in charge of the City of Plainfield. No, not you---the hoodlums terrorizing the community.

BusinessCoolFun said...

Well lets not be shocked of the Mayor's show that's how she rolls we all should know that by now. Look at the Headliner she was able to pull for the Washington School Stop the Violence Show The Rev. Sharpton and only put on a 10min show the folks that came out only to see him. She threw it together having it in such a venue and I bet you if you ask her to see her plans/objectives for this event you won't find one. Just wait to see how much money is going to be given to Action Networks which is Rev.Sharpton National Organization.

Stans said...

Thank you for mentioning that we are trying to work with the city to provide alternatives for the young people. We are offering "Open-Gym" on Thursday's but are trying to work with the city to proactively develop a strategy for next summer. We will provide a program that offers young people an alternative...with assistance from the city or not. The young people deserve better......