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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

75 Plainfield nonprofits in danger of losing tax-exempt status

According to the IRS, 75 Plainfield nonprofits are in danger of automatically losing their tax-exempt status if they don't act by October 15.

You may be surprised to find that several well-known Plainfield organizations are on the list of those who should have filed with the IRS between May 17 and October 15 of this year.

Among well-known groups that the IRS says must take action soon are --

  • Prince Hall Lodge, F&AM
  • COFFEE (the Firefighters organization)
  • Crescent Educational and Cultural
  • FMBA Local #7 (Firefighters)
  • Frontiers International
  • Kings Temple Community Development
  • Masjidullah Soup Kitchen
  • PAYTDA (the community Tennis Foundation)
  • Public Education Foundation of Plainfield
  • VFW Memorial Post #7474
The list also includes less well known groups (Juneteenth African-American Heritage, the Welsh Society of Central Jersey, the Young Men's and Young Women's Polish Association of Plainfield) as well as several that were once very active in Plainfield but have since passed from the scene --
  • Ars Musica Antiqua
  • Ballet Folklorico Sentir Criollo
  • Grant Avenue Community Center
  • PEDCO (Plainfield Economic Development Corporation)
The IRS notice page is online (see here) and there is a link to the complete New Jersey list in Excel spreadsheet format (see here).

To make it easier for Plainfielders, I have saved out just the Plainfield section of the IRS spreadsheet and put it online (see here, or the embedded document at bottom of this post).

IRS policy automatically revokes the tax-exempt status of nonprofits which do not meet their requirement of annual filing for THREE CONSECUTIVE YEARS. One-time relief is being offered to the organizations on the Plainfield list, but action must be taken quickly.

Though there has always been a rule about the filings, in the days before the Internet, it was usually honored in the breach (I have been associated with several small nonprofits over the years which often forgot to file the 990s). Now, however, with modern databases published online, your organization can disappear forever without even the touch of a button, and that's a little scary.

Organizations concerned about their status or believing the IRS is in error can also call (877) 829-5500.

    -- Dan Damon [follow]

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    Anonymous said...

    Non-profits excused?? What's up with this? You want the status, you file the paper. It isn't as though you are busy filing taxes.

    Come on! How lame can you be? It's no wonder these businesses go belly up - they don't get it.