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Saturday, August 7, 2010

If it weren't for Renata, would we know about the BOE meeting?

Notice seen on Renata's blog.

The Plainfield Board of Ed evidently has TWO meetings slated for next week, though you wouldn't know it from the District's website.

Board member Renata Hernandez put a note up sometime Friday that there would be an additional meeting -- a Business Meeting -- next Thursday, August 12 (see here).

My guess is that this will involve the interim superintendent's recommendations for the Barack Obama Academy, but I couldn't find anything on the District's website as of this morning.

Image on front page of District website this morning.

Meetings listed on PDF do not show August 12.

Thank Renata, mark your calendars and check back.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Page 2 of the agenda (post on the district website) announces the 8/12 business meeting.

Dan said...

Renata, who would think to go look at an agenda for a notice of a meeting?

That is a helluva way to run a railroad (not that it's your responsibility).

I'm guessing there will be a legal notice in the papers, but WHERE is the transparency?

Anonymous said...

Dan, I guess by now you've seen the notice. And for at least 3 years the next meeting has ALWAYS been posted in the most current agenda.

There you have it -- transparency and consistency.


Dan said...

Renata -- Consistent yes, but transparent"

Why have both a 'meetings' page and a 'news' page on the website and not put the notice up at one or both places -- especially for a 'special meeting' which this is?

Very few folks read the legal notices in the paper, and one would have to be an 'insider' to know to look at the agenda.

If there were no special meetings, it wouldn't be an issue, but obviously there are.

Anonymous said...

No Sir...not a special meeting... simply moving the Business Meeting to this Thursday due to multiple schedule conflicts with BOE members.

The BOE doesn't manage the Districts website;I would suggest reaching out to our Board Secretary or interim CSA.