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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Library: Book sale, appeals for 'Library Champions' kick off

Dad was shelling out for this brother-and-sister team's selections.

The Plainfield Public Library's annual -- and MONSTER, this year -- Book Sale kicked off Friday morning with a preview for 'bookies'.

Intending to take some pictures to illustrate this post, I nevertheless succumbed to the lure of the 6,000+ books neatly arranged in categories around the pool area. Some shoppers carried shopping baskets over their arm, which were filling up as they cruised around the pool. I knew that would be deadly -- as it was, I escaped with only four books. (But I know I will be back!)

Part of the irresistible lure is that several thousand of the books available (most in pristine condition) were donated by Plainfield activist Mike Ramos who had been asked to clean out the apartment of the late Robert Kern, where they were discovered. Many will remember Mr. Kern from his long service as factotum to Vicky Griswold in the Plainfield Music Store.

Banner inviting all to become 'Library Champions'.

Visitors could also become a 'Library Champion', joining the Library's new advocacy organization. Those who join sign on to be counted and pledge to tell others how the library has helped them personally, to remember that support for the Library now helps the children of tomorrow, and to lobby elected officials -- if needed -- for better funding.

The little brochure outlining the 'Champions' program has some great quotes about the importance of libraries (at least one quite unexpected) --

Pete Hamill, columnist --
In hard times, libraries are more important than ever.
Maya Angelou, poet --
My encouragement to you is to go tomorrow to the library.
Ward Burton, NASCAR driver --
Teenagers can discover the pleasures of reading and gain the power of knowledge by going to libraries. With that power, they will be invincible.
Craig Silverstein, Director of Technology, --
My guess is it will be about 300 years until computer are as good as, say, your local reference library in search.
Oh, yes, what did I find so compelling I just HAD to have them?

  • Len Deighton's City of Gold, a mystery-thriller centering on the hunt for the Nazi general Rommel's master spy in wartime Cairo;

  • Richard Lingeman's Small Town America, a narrative history of same from 1620 to the present (I'm a small town kid at heart);

  • Richard Hooker's History of Food & Drink in America, especially looking forward to the sections on 'drinking and drinks' at various periods; and

  • Joseph & Frances Gies' Life in a Medieval Castle, where I expect to learn all about cooking and sanitation.
So, what's waiting for you with your name on it?

Plainfield Public Library Book Sale

In the Pool Area on the Ground Floor
During Regular Library Hours

Park Avenue at West 8th Street

All are welcome!

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Prof. Williams said...

Man, I wish I had seen "Life in a Medieval Castle," Dan--when you're done!