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Monday, August 23, 2010

Plainfield man, woman shot to death Sunday

A Plainfield man was shot to death in the South Plainfield Best Western motel Sunday night, I have been told.

In a separate incident, a Plainfield woman was shot on Sampton Avenue, also in South Plainfield, and died at JFK Medical Center after being rushed there by ambulance (see here).

It is not known if the incidents are related, or if they are related to the ongoing gang warfare in Plainfield.

One small benefit to Mayor Robinson-Briggs and Public Safety Director Hellwig is that these two homicides will be reflected in South Plainfield's crime data, not Plainfield's, since it is where the deed is done that counts, not what may have led up to it.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Don't need any more bad press, especially if it is not in Plainfield. This is a South Plainfield story; Plainfield has enough of its own tragic stories.

Anonymous said...

Your headline is a bit misleading, but I think you already know that.

Anonymous said...

Maybe there should be a new flier handed out . . . "Do What You Gotta Do Outside the City Limits and All is Forgiven!"

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Plainfields gang violence fliers advised local gang members to take their feuds and shootings to the quiet and productive neighboring communities in order to keep the murder rate down. Thanks Plainfield for yet again tarnishing the reputations and bringing down home values in surrounding communities.


Anonymous said...

You did not list all the people who were killed in NY, Caracas Venezuela, and Iraq.

Maybe you enjoy this, most of us do not.

Anonymous said...

OK, 1.Newa says she shot herself. 2 Says she was taken to RWJ. Why make things look worse than they are?

Anonymous said...

Tragic where ever crime occurs. Any person sitting at home watching TV when there are beds to be made, wash to be folded and liter to be picked up from the property [wheter you own or rent] is contributing to this lack of community well being. Yes Dan, Idle hands are the ....[something] of the Devil. Sign me brought up Old Fashion, but I sure thanked my Mom later on !!