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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

UPDATE: South Plainfield shooting death Plainfield gang-related

Authorities have charged Plainfield resident Harold Tucker in a gang-related
South Plainfield murder.

The shooting death of Plainfield resident Qadir Ali-Muslim, originally reported by Plainfield Today yesterday (see here), is said to be gang-related according to South Plainfield mayor Charles Butrico as quoted in the Ledger (see here).

Authorities have charged another Plainfield resident, Harold Tucker (see above) with the murder.

The Courier reports that the woman who was reported shot on Sampton Avenue, also yesterday by Plainfield Today, evidently took her own life
(see here).

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Just a thought? How is it that the South Plainfield Police and the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office was able to solve this "Gang Related" incident in about 24 hours and PLAINFIELD is unable to solve ANY of the recent 'GANG RELATED" shootings?

Anonymous said...

i just read the star ledger article and the mayor DID NOT say it WAS gang related. he said it APPEARED to be gang related.

horrible reporting AGAIN Dan.

Dan said...

@ 7:02 AM -- in the body of the post, I wrote 'said to be', which is the equivalent of 'appeared'.

Headlines are of necessity abbreviated.

When you start your blog, you can write your headlines any way you like -- and I, for one, will not hold it against you.

Fair enough?

Anonymous said...

Dan this was not gang related. Quadir was not a member of a gang, he was a muslim brother. Please report facts. It seen that every time there is a murder of a African American you always say it's gang related. Get It RIGHT

Anonymous said...

To 659... you forget, as was stated in the past, Plainfield does not have any gangs.

Anonymous said...

Former mayor Al McWilliams (may he rest in peace) consistently denied that there were gangs in Plainfield. And his flak, Dan Damon, dutifully echoed the party line. BUT--we had gangs back then and we have them now; they're just more visible and Plainfield gets more thorough media coverage.