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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Attorney General avoids Friday night Plainfield 'ambush'

Fewer than a dozen people were on hand at Plainfield's St. Mary's School Friday evening for an announced meeting of Attorney General Paula Dow with the Hispanic community, when organizers told those present that the AG would not be coming.

Sources later told Plainfield Today that the Attorney General's office made inquiries and, upon finding that no other local Hispanic groups had been invited (other than Carmen Salavarrieta's Angels in Action, which organized the event) and that there was no agenda for the meeting, the office declined to make the Attorney General available.

While there certainly are real issues to discuss in the matter of relations between Latinos and the police -- as well as other issues in Plainfield (gangs?) -- the Christie administration is apparently prepared to rebuff the Robinson-Briggs administration if it will not engage the broader community in attempting to address the issues.

Salavarrieta and the Robinson-Briggs administration need to take note that 'ambushes' are not a good tool for problem-solving, in Plainfield or anywhere else.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Of course the AG declined to attend. The meeting had no agenda, it apparently had a closed invitation list of only AIA members, and it wasn't put together with the appropriate professionalism and substance. Once again, Plainfield demonstrates that it is being led and represented by incompetent people who don't have a clue.