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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gang shootout erupts over weekend

A shootout erupted at Elmwood Gardens early Sunday.

Gang warfare broke out again early Sunday morning in Plainfield, just days after a multi-agency task force made 40 arrests (see Courier story here), targeting gang members involved in violent crime.

Shots were fired from a vehicle at a group of a dozen or so people who were outside one of the West Second Street buildings of Elmwood Gardens. The vehicle returned some time later, once again shooting at those outside the building, but this time members of the group in front of the building returned the gunfire.

Police found shell casings at the site, but apparently no one was injured.

I also learned that gunshots were fired Sunday evening at Plainfield Avenue and West Front Street, just around the corner from the previous drive-by shootout.

Clearly, the multi-agency task force
involving eight jurisdictions, including the FBI, State Police and Union County Prosecutor's office as well as the Plainfield Police Division, which worked for three days last week to identify and arrest the large number of suspects, had done a good job and made what appeared to be a dent in the violent crimes that have plagued the Queen City in recent months.

However, Public Safety Director Martin Hellwig may have overreached when he told the Courier's Mark Spivey, 'people who should be off the streets now are off the streets'.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Marty meant that the innocent victims are off the street!

Anonymous said...

Marty meant that the innocent victims were off the street.

Rob said...

I give credit to the police in Plainfield for doing what they can do and even showing up for work. We tried paying Reverend Al Sharpton as a solution and that didn't work. Maybe Sharon might consider actually "working" at the problem and start consulting real professionals who have had this problem and successfully made a dent in it. Again, I in the fantasy world.

Bob said...

I have to agree with Rob. Paying money we didn't have to Sharpton didn't make any difference, nor was it needed. We just got more lip service for this useless mayor and still have a serious problem in Plainfield. I have never been scared to walk the streets of Planfield at any time of day or night, but I am now. Perhaps we should dump Hellwig who is not very effective and dump Sharon and Jerry for pushing out a police chief who was performing well.

Anonymous said...

this Rob guy needs to give it a rest!

Anonymous said...

I am not afraid to walk my neighborhood. But I also know that if I see anything out of the ordinary, I call the police and notify my neighbors.

Perhaps the people who are around this shooting should swallow hard and step up to the plate and start letting the police know who they suspect. Hard to do, I know, but we are all with you if you let us know what needs to be done.

Anonymous said...

To: 7:33 am.....I think Rob should keep talking. Keep it up Rob!!!

Yep I Said It! said...

Count me in as number three . . . Keep commenting ROB!

Reverend Al Sharpton spoke for 5 minutes, which means useless Sharon just paid the Reverend$5,000.00 a minute to say . . . what???


Anonymous said...

Yeah Rob say it my brother from another mother. I talked to some of my friends at the police department and they tell me that have of what goes on never hits the paper.

Anonymous said...

I think we should call for marshal law and have curfews and lock downs.
Rob i guess some people find your comments a thorn in their side.I however find your comments inspiring and want you to keep it up.

Jeff said...

Hey Rev didnt work...Can we get a refund?! Praise to the popo for a job well done, but we need another round up of whats left. And to Rob, keep the gums flapping!

Anonymous said...

Interesting tidbit in a macabre sense of the word, notice that the map shows the projects and the 2 funeral homes for the shooting vics in the same photo.

Anonymous said...

Do you reall expect us to believe this story. Come on now, The mayor and company handed out the Flyers, Rev Sharpton and other community and policital leaders came in. The multi juridictional task force ame in and locked up all those violent felons. Umm Ok I believe you

Anonymous said...

Martin, quite interesting that you once commented how ineffective the Plainfield PD was in handling far you have not effectively curbed gang a matter of fact, it has flourished under you. Bring back the Chief.

Rob said...
To Anonymous at 7:33AM...Assistant Mayor Sharon and Mayor Jerry want everyone to "give it a rest". Why?? Because the more light that shines on how useless the UN-Dynamic Duo truly are, the less likely they can continue the free ride for them and their hanger-ons.Hence the problem with that whole idea.
I am a supporter of the police department without a doubt and they are probably being played worse than any of us know. Hence, why I give them all credit for walking into that door everyday..