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Friday, August 20, 2010

Toddler falls to death

Window guards prevent infants falling from windows.

Received word on the way to the Plainfield Planning Board meeting last night that a toddler had fallen from an upper-story apartment window in the 100-block of Central Avenue.

The Crime Scene Unit was at the location when I drove by, along with a couple of responding Plainfield Police Division cars.

I am told the toddler suffered fatal injuries.

No window guards were to be seen in the apartments on the upper floor of the several attached apartment units.

If the landlord supplied them and the tenants did not use them, or removed them, the landlord would most likely not be liable.

But if the landlord has not supplied them to the renters on the upper floors, the question arises of negligence or worse.

Of course, if Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs had not dismantled the Safe Homes initiative in her first term, the issue would have been addressed by mandatory inspections of the premises by Plainfield's Inspection Division.

    -- Dan Damon [follow]

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    Bob said...

    Unfortunately, Mayor Sharon has done too many things to make Plainfield less safe. We no longer have a police chief but a bumbling, cruising for sex while on duty, civilian. Several of Sharon's actions when first coming into office made it easier for slum lords like David Connolly to make Plainfield's reputation as a nice place to live vanish. I hope we're soon rid of this blight on Plainfield and can get a responsible and able person in the mayor's office

    Anonymous said...

    Parents not landlords are responsible for their children! If the parents were watching the child,the child would not have been falling out the window.

    Anonymous said...

    Tragedy is no respecter of wealth, position ar fame . . . every time I see another child's death caused by inaction on the part of adults in charge, I think of Conner Clapton! As much publicity as that incident garnered, how could any building over two stories with children inside not have window guards.Shame on Sharon for stopping the inspections!