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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Princeton votes to hire former Plainfield administrator Marc Dashield

Former Plainfield City Administrator Marc Dashield.
Is that fan mail he's checking?

Princeton's Borough Council voted unanimously Monday evening to hire former Plainfield City Administrator Marc Dashield as its new administrator, according to reports in the Star-Ledger (see here and here).

Dashield, city administrator for two years during Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs' first term escaped the Asylum at the end of 2009 (see my post here) to Montclair, where he served as town manager until the Princeton appointment.

No one ever doubted that Dashield was a talented administrator, but the gyrations he was forced to perform while serving during the 'bizarre and largely incompetent reign' of Robinson-Briggs (to quote a recent Courier editorial, see here), subjected him to nearly constant criticism from Council, public and bloggers alike.

Dashield told former Courier reporter Mark Spivey at the time of his departure for Montclair that he would --

... miss working in the Queen City ... "I enjoyed it because there was always something new, different and challenging, ...[t]here was always something going on, always some challenge to deal with, and I think that's what I'll always remember...
I don't know if the irony was intended, but the descriptives accurately reflect the actual situation on the ground.

Dashield was picked out of a field of fifteen candidates interested in replacing Princeton's retiring administrator. He is expected to take up his new duties at the end of October, after giving the Montclair folks proper notice.

Congratulations Marc, from Plainfield -- pathway to the stars.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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