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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mapp hires Eric Watson for DPW. What do you think?

Eric Watson makes full circle, returns to Public Works.

Plainfield Mayor Adrian Mapp has hired former PMUA executive director Eric Watson to be the new head of the Department of Public Works and Urban Development, replacing the well-respected Eric Jackson, who was elected mayor of Trenton in May. Watson is slated to start work Monday.

Mayor Mapp says he has contemplated several candidates and that Watson brings the skills and experience to the job which will make him a good contribution to the Mapp leadership team.

The appointment of department heads is the mayor's prerogative, with the advice and consent of the Council. While residency has been an issue with recent hires, it will not be a concern when Watson's name is brought forward as he is a Plainfield resident.

So, what do you think?

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Will he work for free?

Jeff said...

Will he cost us another million?!?!

Anonymous said...

Good Choice!

Anonymous said...

We need to call Channel 7 SHAME ON YOU CREW to find out what the Mayor was thinking. SHAME - SHAME -SHAME ON YOU MAYOR MAP!

Michelle E said...

Thank you Mr Mayor for proving you ARE just like your predecessors and take care if your "supporters" and keep your promised to "supporters" I hope the state investigates this appointment and pray Plainfield has NEW options for the next election !!
You are a disappointment !!

Michelle E said...

Thanks Mr Mapp your a sham! You made us believe you were different you are not ! Hope all your friends / supporters enjoy their new jobs for they may only be temporary until the next election!!! Fed up in Plfd !!

Anonymous said...

I want my campaign contribution refunded!