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Thursday, September 11, 2014

'Plainfield whorehouse' post climbs toward 6,000

Pageviews of 'whorehouse' post, as of 9/11/14.

Happened to glance at Plainfield Today's readership statistics today and notice that the 'whorehouse' post (see here) from last week is approaching 6,000 views -- even surpassing interest in posts on Jerry Green, now my second largest draw.

The post garnered only one really critical comment, which came via IM to my cellphone and has since, unfortunately, vanished into the ether.

As I recall, the reader questioned my use of the term 'whorehouse', noting the 'cultural differences' between sex worker preferences for venue, and a general lack of polish to the post.

I chose the term carefully, trying for a little shock value without the use of either wimpy Bowdlerizing terms (such as house of ill repute) or vulgarisms (such as cathouse). I was also aware of a popular Broadway show of a few years ago with the term in its title.

Noting the differences in preferred venues of sex workers was simply reporting what a cop had told me years ago. The whole post, as I said, was a riff on Olddoc's 'potpourri' style -- to stitch together several small items in one larger post. The only theme was sex work.

As to polish, it wasn't intended to be a 'heavy' piece like  on Muhlenberg or economic development. In comedy they call it a 'throwaway'.

Top five sources of traffic.

One interesting thing about the stats is that Blogger lets its authors see not only how much traffic a post gets, but also the sources. In the case of the 'whorehouse' post, it is quite revealing.

The two most used 'referring sites' by far are identified with an '' -- meaning folks who access their web pages from their smartphone Facebook app. And the fifth of the top five is those who access their information from Facebook on their laptop or desktop machine. Social media rules!

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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Blackdog said...

Yes Dan, even pimps and prostitutes prefer to be referred to in Politically Correct terminology in this kinder, gentler world we now live in. It is not nice to hurt someone else's feelings!