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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Jerry finds work for Sharon, Mackson

Jerry comes through for Sharon.

Those who fretted that former Plainfield Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs left office without landing the traditional pol's perk -- a government job -- can rest easy.

Word in the street is that Sharon is ensconced in a job with Union County, thanks to the good offices of Assemblyman Jerry Green, her erstwhile mentor and chair of the Plainfield and Union County Democratic committees.

Same is reported of Lamar David Mackson, formerly with Plainfield's cable TV station, who is now regularly posting Union County press releases on his Facebook page.

Robinson-Briggs had burned all her bridges in the final years of her second term and was on notoriously bad terms with former UCDC chair Charlotte DeFilippo, who complained bitterly that Sharon never returned her phone calls.

Sharon's further decision to challenge the party's designation of Mapp for the mayor's line made her persona non grata with Green. But evidently that is all water over the dam and Robinson-Briggs is once again in his good graces after spending months at the mike at Council meetings spinning cotton-candy versions of her administration while lambasting Mapp.

It all fits in with reports that Jerry was badmouthing Mapp as he handed out free phones this past weekend in the Twin City parking lot.

So, is Jerry at the top of his game? Or perhaps a little around the bend?

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

I think she needed more service time to get the state pension. Same thing happened when Bob Ferraro left office. He got a job @ PMUA in order to get his 10 years in for a pension!

Anonymous said...

Passing out phones for Green Team VOTES? Just what will he do next to get the people to VOTE down the D line?

Anonymous said...

Lamar is a very talented person and will do a good job. But Sharon? What on earth could she be doing for the county? (If anything other than trying to make herself look good.) What a shame!

Rob said...

you filthy Republicans disgust me at every turn... always using the little guy to get yourselves ahead..why it's enough to make an honest good Democrat want to choke on their own vomit... Oh, sorry... it's you Democrats in Union County that make us want to choke on our own vomit...
VOTE THE PARTY LINE !!!!! Stop the Evil Republicans from having a chance to screw you over !!