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Thursday, September 18, 2014

David Rutherford details Jerry Green's jobs technique

Is Jerry Green Plainfield's answer to Mephistopheles?

Neither fans nor foes of Plainfield Assemblyman Jerry Green will want to miss David Rutherford's firsthand account of Jerry's jobs technique.

David's post is entitled 'The Patronage Mill' and you can read it here. In it he describes Jerry's attempt to recruit David.

It appears to be just a coincidence that on Tuesday Jerry put up a rambling post protesting his innocence and non-involvement in local affairs, attacking the bloggers, and rambling disconnectedly. Is it any wonder that his nickname at the Statehouse is 'Mumbles'? (It seems possible, from stylistic evidence, that the entry was dictated to someone -- a much younger staff person?)

The bloggers extract their own revenge -- Olddoc took a scalpel to the Assemblyman today (see here).

And Bernice caught Jerry in one of his usual non sequiturs, contrasting actual slimy Jerry words about a candidate for public office and his protestation that he is innocent of such behavior (see her piece here).

At any rate, you can file Jerry's post under 'Fiction' and consider David's, Bernice's and Olddoc's under 'Fact'.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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Michael Dixon said...

The appellation, "Mumbles," refers to Hizzoner, Thomas Mennino, the unprecedented 5 term Democratic Mayor, who actually had a speech impediment, which many critics thought he turned to his own advantage by answering reporters hard questions in a way that evaded journalistic reporting.

Mr. Green seems more similar to the late former President, Gen. Dwight David Eisenhower, who, when asked about how he would respond to media reporters about the gunboats in the Straits of Hormuz, replied that he would baffle them with b-llsh_t.

Anonymous said...

Dan wish to bring to your attention on whats going on in the police station.
There seems to be an unusually high rate of cancer and other illnesses going on there. Officers dispatchers custodians civilians . The are agencies drilling test holes in the ground and no one is addressing this issue high rate of cancer in the police building and no one cares can you HELP shed light on this and open the can of worms