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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Planning Board discusses Muhlenberg study, Elmwood Gardens plan tonight

Aerial view of the Muhlenberg campus from the Heyer & Gruel study.
Plainfield's Planning Board is set to discuss a synopsis of the Council-commissioned study of the Muhlenberg Hospital campus and its future uses as well as review a draft of the Housing Authority's plans for the now-shuttered Elmwood Gardens project.

The Muhlenberg study, conducted for the Council by planners Heyer & Gruel Associates made a preliminary presentation to the community on August 14 to a packed house at the PHS cafeteria (see my report here). That preliminary presentation is available at the city's website (see here). The final report was expected to be delivered to the City by the end of August. Tonight's discussion involves a SYNOPSIS of the study and future steps. If you plan to attend, there should be a review copy for the public at the meeting.

Also slated is a review of the Housing Authority's draft plan for the Elmwood Gardens site. The project is now vacant -- two years after it was originally scheduled to be closed -- and surrounded by a shiny (and costly) new chain link fence. The fencing suggests no plans for demolition are imminent, and I hear rumors that HAP is still trying to put the money together to proceed. This will be a further opportunity for the public to learn of plans and pacing for this important project.

The agenda includes at least one possibly contentious and time-consuming item (the Danny Buoy restaurant on Terrill Road) before getting to the 'new business' section of the meeting -- where the Muhlenberg and HAP items are placed.

The Plainfield Planning Board meets in City Hall Library, beginning at 7:00 PM tonight. Parking is available in the lot at the rear of City Hall.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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