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Monday, September 8, 2014


Work under way in the North Avenue Historic District includes
the buildings above.

Plainfield's North Avenue Historic District is seeing a lot of work to its buildings currently, as the photo above shows.

I was, however, jolted by one doorway in the above photo. Is this 'appropriate'?

That is the term used by the Historic Preservation Commission in reviewing and approving plans to alter the exterior of Plainfield buildings designated as historic, as these buildings are.

But the door with the fake fanlight has no counterpart in history to my knowledge -- except maybe being historic 1980s vintage.

Knowing that one property owner has been before the Commission multiple times for months now over porch spindles, I am intrigued at how this door passed muster.

In any event, the overall work being done is exciting and heartening. I hope that Jan and Henry Johnson read this and feel a sense of fulfillment that all their effort to get the block designated all those years ago is finally paying off. Too bad Bill Hetfield didn't live to see the day -- he would appreciate it, too.

Except for the door.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

This is what leaves the town looking shabby and disheveled. I hope they make them replace it. It does look out of place.

Anonymous said...

New whorehouse doors?

Anonymous said...

That building is owned by Frank Cretella and John Stewart.