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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Please, God, let THIS rumor not be true

The proposed project would put 86 units of subsidized housing
where City Lot #9 is currently located.

If rumors are true there will be an elephant in the room at tonight's Special Meeting of the Plainfield City Council.

That elephant is the slickster pair of former Plainfield Councilman Malcolm R. Dunn and his sidekick Cecil Sanders. 

This is the pair whose first act upon being appointed as PMUA Commissioners was to join with fellow commissioner Alex Toliver in arbitrarily and capriciously intervening in the arbitration proceedings concerning former PMUA executives Eric Watson and David Ervin, terminating the proceedings and awarding the departing duo $1 million out of the ratepayers' pockets.

Word in the street is that Dunn and Sanders are silent partners in the group that is proposing 86-units of subsidized housing for the City's Parking Lot 9, which sits at the corner of Central Avenue and West Second Street.

Plainfield's City Council will take up for first reading at its special meeting tonight an ordinance that would allow the City to convey that property to a development group that includes the Housing Authority of Plainfield and its community development corporation, Plainfield CDC.

The Housing Authority has yet to bring to fruition its planned replacement of the Elmwood Gardens projects with Hope VI townhomes, a plan that has been in the works for several years now, and which Executive Director Randall Wood swore to the Council two years ago, was just on the edge of proceeding with demolition and construction.

Nothing has happened yet.

Those with longer memories will recall Messrs. Dunn and Sanders were involved in the development and construction of the Plainfield Health Center project at the corner of Myrtle and Rock Avenues.

That project suffered from fiscal friskiness which left one person serving time in the slammer.

Some folks have long held that the wrong person went to jail.

Plainfielders have a right to suspect a replay of that bad movie.

I just hope and pray the rumors are untrue.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Blackdog said...

I'll bet that you could actually find a few honest people of character and integrity in Plainfield, just that none of them are POLITICIANS!

Anonymous said...

Disgusting people.

Anonymous said...

Plainfield already has more than enough of its share of "projects." How about if you fix the ones that are already here before you build another. Lets see you try to build this in Westfield instead. Do us all a favor and sell your overpriced house and get out of Plainfield. You are not wanted here anymore.

Anonymous said...

I see we are picking and choosing comments again...