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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mapp, Green, Carter, Rivers, Clarke win big

Mayor-elect Adrian O.Mapp addressing supporters
on Election Night 2013. (Image courtesy Siddeeq El-Amin.)
Despite facing down three other candidates, Mayor-Elect Adrian O. Mapp won more than two thirds of the votes cast for mayor in Tuesday's general election.

Unofficial mayoral results, per Municipal Clerk 'AJ' Jalloh are --

  • Democrat Mapp: 4,959
  • Republican Spector: 711
  • Independent Muhammad: 1018
  • Independent Belin: 420
Spector did surprisingly well, considering the overwhelming Democratic registration in Plainfield. Belin brought up the rear with a mere 420. Mapp got a resounding mandate.

Observers noted Belin's campaign headquarters went dark in the closing days of the campaign, with two different explanations circulating. One was that he was 'forced' to close down because he was within the bounds where no electioneering is allowed (City Hall Annex next door is a polling place). The other was that he was thrown out for non-payment of rent. Considering that the New Dems rented that same space before and never had to give it up, which story do you think rings more true?

While Buono won Plainfield handsomely (5,498 to 1,600 for Christie), she lost Union County by four percentage points: 49.2% to 45.9%.

Freeholder Linda Carter, seeking a second term, was the largest vote getter for that office in both Plainfield (5,299) and countywide (51,091).

Assemblyman Jerry Green, along with running mates Linda Stender and Nick Scutari, beat back a Republican attack. With 4,476 votes, Green polled nearly double young John Campbell, who in the final days of the campaign positioned himself as the alternative to Green.

One wag noted that Campbell received fewer votes than he had signs, reinforcing the maxim that 'signs don't vote'.

4th Ward Councilor Bridget Rivers trounced GOP opponent Barbara Johnson 758 to 124.

In the non-partisan Board of Ed election Deborah Clarke won a seat with 1,442 votes, coming in ahead of Wilma Campbell's victorious running mate.

Clarke, who was part of the team challenging incumbent BOE president Wilma Campbell's slate (which included BOE member Frederick Moore and newcomer David Rutherford), was surprised as she had drawn the last place slot on the ballot.

The nastiest moment of the generally upbeat BOE campaign came when her opponent David Rutherford attacked her as 'unqualified' since he had attended more Board meetings.

There reports of some fights breaking out outside some polling places, and I myself had to contend with supporters of John Campbell outside my polling place (Hubbard School) who accused me of lying about their candidate, and of being unfair because I took sides. I reminded them I never make a secret of taking sides and suggested there was an opportunity for them to take up the pen and promote their own view of things.

Alas, that would require a little hard work and stick-to-it-iveness, which I don't think is in the cards for this crew.

Would be nice if they would surprise me.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

I voted at Cook School at 7:30pm and was shocked at the lack of outdoor lighting along both Leland Avenue (right outside the school) and the walkway from the street to the school's entrance. I have 20/20 eyesight and almost fell over the 2-3 steps that lead to the walkway. There were 3 men distributing literature in support of their candidates and I could barely see their faces. I hope this issue will be addressed so that voting at that location will become less of a problem going forward.

A big congratulations to Mayor-Elect Mapp! Maybe there is hope for Plainfield after all.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Adrian and all of yesterday's winners. Now let the work of building a better Plainfield for all citizens begin in earnest!
Peter Price

Anonymous said...

The needeler-in-chief shows he's no gracious winner, and he's always shown he's no gracious loser either. Mayor-elect Mapp will need objectivity and a dose of inclusiveness if he's to successfully turn this city around. He ought to distance himself from your tripe post haste.

Anonymous said...

Dan, not really sure why I am even taking they time to respond to your claim of being harassed it’s just unfortunate that you feel you were attacked when all I did was ask you a question. I don’t recall anyone calling you any names or holding you hostage. I did say I thought you post on John Campbell was one sided and irresponsible. Dan, I do have one question for you, and I hope you indulge me with an answer; I notice you put the number of votes each candidate received, winners and losers with the except of John Campbell, if he did indeed have more signs than votes, what was the actual number?

Robin Bright

Pat Turner Kavanaugh said...

Dan: would you please remind the candidates - all of them - and their supporters who have lawn signs to please take them down?

Anonymous said...

I was born in Cuba and I have not missed an opportunity to vote since the day I became an American citizen. I have always voted Democrat but I am so disgusted with the party that I voted for Chris Christie. I also voted for young John Campbell because it's time that these career politicians make their exit. Did Column A pay you, Dan?