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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mapp corrects 'A Team'

Correction ordered by Mapp includes Riers' name...

...which designer had inadvertently left out of original billboard.
Gremlins pop up everywhere, even in Plainfield political campaigns.

Take, for example, Mayor-Elect Adrian Mapp's billboard above the Plainfield Donut Shop.

The billboard lists the entire 'A Team' of Democratic candidates -- or so campaign workers thought.

Sharp-eyed observers noted, however, that 4th Ward candidate Bridget Rivers was missing from the lineup.

After inquiring, Mapp learned that the designer worked from an incomplete list and inadvertently left off Rivers' name.

Even though correcting the error would be costly and eat into precious campaign dollars, Mapp insisted that the designer correct the mistake and a new billboard was put over the old one a couple weeks before the election.

As you can see, doing the right thing is important to Councilor Mapp.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

You're blaming the "designer"? Really? No accountability for who ordered it and proofed it, huh?
Well, doesn't matter, because I think someone, maybe Mapp, maybe you, is just plain flat out lying. Why not say, "Oops, we forgot but we fixed it?" As though anyone cares anyway.

Anonymous said...

Sharon would have put a piece of tape over it and written it in by hand.