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Monday, November 18, 2013

Key employees pitch in to help Mapp transition

On Election Night, Mayor-elect Adrian Mapp offered
a welcoming hand to all.
On Election Night, Mayor-elect Adrian Mapp said that he was not extending an olive branch to his opponents, because that was a sign of a winner-loser relationship, but that instead he was extending a welcoming hand to them as partners in moving Plainfield into the future.

To underscore his new style, Mapp's first action was to solicit the input of key employees into the process of transitioning into the new administration which he will lead as of January 1, something which had not been done in recent memory.

Questionnaires were distributed to more than two dozen of these employees just two days after the election. You can see the questionnaire and Mayor-elect Mapp's cover letter inviting employee participation on his blog (here) and his campaign website (here).

The response was dramatic and heartening, with answers to questionnaires and offers to sit for interviews with Transition Team members pouring in.

So far, the following units have responded: Senior Services, Public Works Division, Personnel, Tax Assessor, Tax Collector, Inspections, Corporation Counsel, Planning, Municipal Clerk, Building Division, Purchasing, Treasurer, Information Technology, Media (PCTV), Health, WIC, Fire Division, OEM, Community Development and Bilingual Day Care.

Two more units have been delayed by a family emergency in one, and a vacation in the other.

The only units not to have responded after numerous contacts are the Police Division and the Office of Vital Statistics.

Once the questionnaires are reviewed and the employees interviewed, the Transtion Team of more than a hundred volunteers, working in eleven subcommittees, will prepare their individual reports, to be combined into a master report to Mayor-elect Mapp that is due on his desk before Christmas.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Should have given them to more than the police director