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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Exhibit on Temple Sholom at Library

The abstract stained glass window in Temple Sholom's website
header is from the West 7th Street building.
The Plainfield Public Library currently features an exhibit on the history of Temple Sholom, which was organized in 1913 as a Plainfield congregation in the Reformed Jewish tradition.

The exhibit was originally prepared to celebrate the congregation's 90th birthday in 2003 and has been updated to reflect the past ten years.

Among topics in which the show is organized are its founders, the changing role of women in the congregation, Reformed worship and education and social outreach.

The congregation's former buildings at West 7th Street and Grant Avenue now house the Queen City Academy Charter School. For several years the congregation has met for worship at the Fanwood Presbyterian Church, and recently broke ground for a new facility in Scotch Plains.

Our very own Harold C. Yood, MD, who blogs as 'Olddoc', is a son of one of the founding families of Temple Sholom.

Congratulations to the congregation on its centennial, and to our friend Dr. Yood!

The Plainfield Public Library is at Park Avemue and 8th Street. The exhibit can be viewed during regular library hours. It is available at several spots throughout the main floor as well as a display in the Plainfield Room on the lower level.

Now, if we could just have an exhibit on the other two Jewish traditions that have been represented in the Plainfield -- Orthodox and Conservative congregations -- we would go a long way to honoring a part of our history that is somewhat obscured.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Pat Turner Kavanaugh said...

Dan: I know Old Doc used the word "reformed," but it's Reform. said...

Please be aware that the exhibit is entitled "A History of Temple Sholom: The First Ninety Years" is a new exhibit and was not designed in 2003. The exhibit is part of our 100th Anniversary celebration but focuses on the first 90 years the congregation was located in Plainfield. We hope people will come and see the exhibit.
Ann and Steven Saltzman - curators