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Monday, November 4, 2013

John Campbell, Jr.: A mis-leader from the beginning

Candidate Campbell shows his true brand...

... and his hero.

As observers of the Plainfield election scene have come to expect, mailboxes on the weekend before the voting are crammed to overflowing with literature from the various candidates.

This year was no exception: I counted among the mail multiple pieces for Democratic candidates, plus mailers for the two Board of Ed slates, and an odd and mis-leading piece from Assembly candidate John Campbell, Jr.

From the beginning, Campbell has run a deceptive and mis-leading campaign -- and this weekend's mailer only underscores that fact.

To begin with, when his candidacy was announced, it was said Campbell was running against Linda Stender (see my post here), which can only be malarkey, as the Assembly candidates run at-large in their districts.

So, who IS Campbell running against? This weekend's mailer, which caricatures Jerry Green -- and makes factual misstatements about Green's positions -- tips Campbell's true hand: He is hoping to beat Green.

That's mis-leading deception number one.

Candidate Campbell and Mayor Robinson-Briggs
support turning Abbott Manor into veterans' housing.

Secondly, in the fine old Republican tradition of being for something before being against it, we should remember that Campbell spoke at a breakfast meeting hosted by Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs in favor of turning the old Abbott Manor nursing home into veterans' housing. (He now speaks out against 'low income' housing.)

You'd never know Campbell was a Republican from his unbranded signs.

Thirdly, he has mis-leadingly run an un-branded campaign. His signs do not declare his party affiliation at all, nor does his mailing piece. While he hides behind a vague slogan of 'people before politics', it is clear that young John Campbell is interested in disguising his political affiliation because it would inhibit his success at the polls.

Make no mistake about it, young John Campbell has run a mis-leading campaign and would be a mis-leader in office.

Shy away from mis-leaders like you would three-leav├ęd plants.

I'll be voting for the true-blue brand: Democrats. Column A all the way.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Bullshit Promotions at the police department just to make her old security officer costing city million dollars

Anonymous said...

What a hate monger you are Dan. All you know is the status quo. We need change in this community and you will not get it from Gerry Green, Nick Scutari and Linda Stender! This community has always been the dumping ground for Union County and the present representatives have let it happen. What are you afraid of? Could John Campbell Jr. be any worse than what we have? Maybe you should go to cyberspace and dig up unflattering material on Sharon Robinson Briggs, Martin Hellwig, Bibi Taylor or Al Restino. They all have pasts and have had there "butts" covered by the Union County Democratic Machine and the prosecutors office.

Bob said...

I still can't understand why anyone would vote for someone related to Wilma Campbell, who has taken our school system to it's lowest point in years.

Anonymous said...

Did you receive the campaign piece from the Stender/Green/Scutari featuring a machine gun, implying that republicans are FOR allowing terrorists to own machine guns? That's mis-leading. I know, according to you, all republicans are the enemy. That's why Plainfield ends up with incompetents like Sharon Brigg-Robinson.

Of course Plainfielders will vote Column A all the way. It's the only way for the closed-minded.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dan, I am sure you won’t post this comment as you haven’t posted anything thus far if it’s not in agreement with Jerry Green or the democrat party. However, do you honestly believe we need another two more years of Jerry Green. Do you honestly think that 22 years is not enough? Voting blindly because of one’s party affiliation is like voting or not voting for someone based on the color of their skin. In the end we all lose. If we ever expect to move Plainfield forward in a positive upward direction we must not run from change but embrace it and encourage it. We here in Plainfield look at republicans like they are lepers. Here we have a young man, that looks like me, thinks like me and is more than willing to put himself out there so he can have a chance to make change in Plainfield, but people like you want to slander him and discredit him because he ran as a republican.

It truly is ok to split your vote and choose the best person for the job, be it republican, democrats, independent, black, white or yellow. Let’s start voting smart and not like machines. Voting down the line just for the sake of voting is not really a choice.

Karen Smith

Anonymous said...

We wouldn't expect anything else from you Dan!

Pat Turner Kavanaugh said...

Dan: whatever I may think of young Dan Campbell, I mentioned this post to someone influential the community whose judgement I respect (not a Republian, by the way.) That person replied, "Dan's drunk the Kool-Aide."

Blackdog said...

Somebody needs to beat Green!
He and all the other lifetime carrer politicians need to make room for new people and fresh ideas! He doesn't serve the people of Union County, he serves himself and his cronies!

Anonymous said...

thank you Dan for this expose-mis-leaning want to be a assemblyman for the 22nd dist wow the people that may have voted for him do not know who he is other tyhen he is the son of john Campbell the local realter and Wilma Campbell the school board somerhow under investigating of wrong in sign off on something wrong that she should known better kick-back?/

Anonymous said...

Dan Damon a Jerry Green man?

Tsk, tsk....

Anonymous said...

I would love to vote for an up and coming young man if he will help move this City forward. I really don't care whether he is Dem or Rep as long as he will work for the people. My only issue with young Campbell is that if elected, he will be doing the will of his parents which, in my opinion will be the same old "fill my pockets and the heck with everybody else"
so in that case you might as well put Green back in. I don't vote the line and I will not vote for either Green or Campbell, somebody please give me an Independant.

Anonymous said...

Common Dan stop the BS, you know Campbell is not really a Republican he must run on that line because you know he will never get the Dem line, do you really think Jerry is good for Plainfield?????? we have been under this same Dem leadership for years and we are the laughing stock of Union County.

But Campbell will probably loose because we here in plainfield are so uneducated and flat out stupid to vote the A Line when we here in plainfield think of Republicans we think of Ronald Reagan etc. that type.

This is your block Dan and you could write what you want but you are full of it this time.

Anonymous said...

I loved the picture of Dan Damon and Green together!!!

A great bit of honesty in this corrupt, bullshit corrupt politicians campaign. You are part of this BS machine.

TSK...TSK is right

BJF said...

Dan it has become very obvious that both you and Mapp have sold your souls to the Devil...Green to get the Mayors Office! If you can sleep well at night, it says all we need to know about you and Mayor elect Mapp.