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Friday, November 8, 2013

Mayor-elect Mapp solicits key employee input

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In launching his Transition Team effort Thursday evening, Plainfield's Mayor-Elect Adrian Mapp made a point of noting that he was looking forward to working with city employees to move the city forward come January and that he was seeking their input as plans are made.

That input will come, in part, from key employee answers to a questionnaire that was distributed throughout City Hall yesterday.

It was my task on behalf of the Mayor-Elect to distribute more than twenty-five of the documents in sealed envelopes marked 'Personal and Confidential' to the recipients and get signatures showing they had been delivered.

It was pleasant indeed to catch up with old friends and acquaintances throughout City Hall, and meet some new folks who have come on board during the past eight years.

Everyone to whom I spoke was most cordial and many were obviously enthusiastic that their opinions were being sought and would actually be valued.

But there were a few surprises.

One employee was not in their office and the administrative assistant told me she did not know where they were. I think she regretted putting it that way as soon as she had uttered the words, but it was too late.

At another office, the door was locked and no answer to my knocks. There was no note on the door explaining why no one was there or when they might be back. Inquiries at neighboring offices left me with the impression that their was friction between the missing persons and their neighbors.

Arriving at another location about 2:20 PM, I was informed that the key employee had already left for the day. Employees in two other locations were on vacation and their assistants promised to make sure my envelope was put on the top of the pile for their return.

Most pleasantly, one key employee invited me into his office where he was in the midst of a meeting with two subordinates. He had a yellow legal pad and the three were composing a list of projects under way and suggestions for the new Mayor!

But perhaps most surprising, I arrived home after my hajj only to receive a phone call saying that I was being accused of 'intimidating' City Hall employees.

Dan, intimidating?

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

Will Sharon's shade never fade. YES! On December 31, 2013. Thank God.

Anonymous said...

You beast you! You should take lessons from the kindly Sharon, who reminds people that she is the f****ng mayor. You should learn to be nicer - like her.

Anonymous said...

Is your new job to be Mapp's head snitch?

Anonymous said...


That is the type of employee who either needs to get a new job, quit, or should be fired. That type of BS would not happen in the private sector. I agree you are a lot of things but intimidating??????????????? NO WAY

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why is it that you never post comments, Dan?

Alan Goldstein said...

Your tone suggests you're a one man wrecking crew.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan
Sharon made a bunch of promotions to lieutenants at the PD and they all got letters from city that they are all provisional because rules weren't followed all just to make her ex security officer what a load of crap

Anonymous said...

Here is some input Adrian. I warned you in august about the bullshit promotions Sharon had done to sergeant and the lieutenants she was planning and you did nothing to stop it

Anonymous said...

I am not sure how one should have reacted. If a citizen comes in with surveys for the incoming Mayor and is not on the transition team (pardon me if you are) why would they feel comfortable filling out this information. As Alan Goldstein, it appears to be a heavy handed; and in my opinion unprofessional. Mr. Mapp will have a transition period and has been in city government long enough, to know this. Not sure I like the direction you have taken Dan. You really seem to enjoy this too much. When did it stop being a news blog and become: Schadenfreude, pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. Don't think you will post this, but I am an intelligent person who knows Sharon was not right as Mayor. I would never show a count down clock with an unflattering picture. Life is short, tomorrow is not promised.