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Monday, June 18, 2012

WBLS Affair: Reprimand of mayor to stand?

WBLS matter to be resolved tonight?
Tonight's Plainfield City Council agenda has two items concerning Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs' misadventures funding the August 2010 WBLS broadcast, in which monies received from Investors Bank for one purpose were appropriated by Her Honor for another -- the radio broadcast.

What I am being told is that Plainfield's special charter, which gives the Council the power to fine the Mayor in this matter, omits any mechanism for effectuating such a fine.

What that suggests is that the fine, permitted but unenforceable, will be dropped but not the reprimand.

And you can be sure that Mayor Robinson-Briggs will try to crow from the rooftops that she has been vindicated.

Despite that fact that the check shows otherwise.

Oz, as Olddoc says, Oz.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

If our mayor crows, it is because that's what she is, a crooked old crow and we'll be rid of her soon enough. People will come out in droves to vote this woman out. I hope she realizes this. This also shows how we need to change our outdated and ineffective charter. See you at tonight's meeting in the court room.