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Friday, June 22, 2012

Plainfield Habitat hires first-ever construction manager

Greater Plainfield Habitat is growing and is adding its first-ever full-time construction manager.

Tom Wescoe comes to the Plainfield affiliate with over thirty years of experience in home construction, project management and land development -- including positions with Pulte Homes, K. Hovnanian and Toll Brothers, all major New Jersey housing developers.

Tom's job will involve managing dual responsibilities -- interacting with and successfully utilizing the volunteer base, including partner families whose 200 hours of sweat equity are helping build their own homes and the chapter's individual and organizational volunteers; and
managing the construction process in an efficient and affordable manner with quality outcomes.

Tom is coming on board as the Plainfield Zoning Board of Adjustment has OK'ed final plans for a 5-unit project on West 7th Street.

Volunteers and friends of Greater Plainfield Habitat are invited to meet Tom at a breakfast where he will be welcomed aboard, Friday, July 6th, 8:00 AM, at Plainfield Habitat, 2 Randolph Road (corner of Park Avenue). All are invited, but since a hot breakfast is planned, please confirm your attendance by calling the office at (908) 769-5292. For more information on Greater Plainfield Habitat, visit the website here, or become a fan on Facebook here.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

I hope he doesn't bring the disregard for the enviroment that Toll Brothers and others have. Good luck to them.

Jeff said...

Bob, seriously?? What possible disredard for the environment could he possibly bring to Plainfield? Will he be bulldozong the lush acres of farmland and forests that Plainfield is known for?? Or simply building a new house or 2 where a burned out shell once stood. Creating ratables and affordable housing for someone who is willing to WORK for it. Its not a handout.