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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

State to City: $50,000 for PMUA study stays in budget

Mayor Robinson-Briggs is doing everything she can to derail
studying re-absorption of the PMUA into city operations.
In an email circulating in Plainfield City Hall, the state is advising the Robinson-Briggs administration that a $50,000 budget line added by the Council at its April 9 meeting to the routine temporary appropriations made pending the approval of the final budget (now expected on June 18) was done properly and is to stay in the final budget. (Though not on the formal agenda for this evening, I wouldn't be surprised if the Robinson-Briggs administration or its chief apologist on the Council, Bill Reid, finds a way to bring it up.)

The amount is to cover anticipated expenses in paying for legal and other professional advice in the matter of re-absorbing the Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority (PMUA) into City operations.

Re-absorbing the solid waste operations into the City's Division of Public Works would address several issues simultaneously --

  • Overhead would be reduced by eliminating excessive administrative layers, thus giving ratepayers direct relief;

  • Front line workers would find their jobs preserved by being moved over to the city; and

  • Ratepayers would recover the ability to take a tax deduction for their sewer taxes.
The Robinson-Briggs administration is fighting tooth and nail to delay, if not derail, the proposed study and the news from the state is sure to upset both Mayor Robinson-Briggs and her chief Council supporter in resisting the study initiative, Ward 1 Councilor Bill Reid. 

Though the Robinson-Briggs administration is checked on this move, it is not a checkmate yet, and resolution of the PMUA mess may yet elude the Council.


6:00 PM
Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority (PMUA) Commissioners

127 Roosevelt Avenue (Corner of East 2nd Street)
Parking in PMUA lot or on the street.

7:30 PM
City Council Agenda Session

City Hall Library
515 Watchung Avenue
(Parking and entry in the rear of building)

8:00 PM
Board of Ed

PHS Conference Room
950 Park Avenue
(Parking in school lots or on street)

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

Shady Sharonda consistently lets the people of Plainfield know that she doesn't care for them. Leaving the PMUA as is shows her disdain and lack of concern for us. It is sad that this person was elected for a second term. Every time I bring her name up, it is received with a scowl and expletive. She is not liked by most of Plainfield and she should be aware of that. Sharon has been unaware of the realities of the citizens of Plainfield for many years, so I don't expect her to change any time soon. I hope the dumb voters change and vote like their city and safety depended on it.

olddoc said...

I believe that the correction to include the 50K was passed at the special meeting on the budget contingent to State approval. It will be probably brought up June 21 when the Council must approve the budget as amended.

Anonymous said...

Bringing the PMUA back into the City structure is what I argued for when it was created. No one then seemed to understand the ramifications of creating a separate entity. It's too bad that the individual that cast the deciding vote on that resolution isn't around to see it turned around.

Anonymous said...

Don't waste your time going to the School Board Meeting. The CHICKEN and FISH frying CAMPBELLS have already informed their FLUNKIES that the useless Anna Belin-Pyles will be the next Superintendant. That is a disservice to our CHILDREN. NOVEMBER can not get here fast enough.

Anonymous said...

What is this nonsense--the mayor wants a "study" to see if there should be a study? Delay, delay, delay, so nothing can be done and the malefactors on the PMUA board can keep on doing what they've been doing. And as for the recipients of that million-dollar payout--well, the Board majority wants the employees to pay for it. This is beyond incompetence--it's malicious.

Anonymous said...

Those of us employed by the PMUA are suffering terribly. I don't know how others can beat us up so badly, foist horrible commissioners on us who propose that we take furloughs to pay thieves, and act as if we are perpetrators of crimes. Most of us are hard working, honest and trying to make ends meet. We didn't create these egregious misuses of ratepayer funds - the Mayor appointed these rapers and pillagers to our Board. Most of us barely make enough to live paycheck to paycheck, and when we come in early and stay late, no one acknowledges that. But if we come in a minute late or wear open toed shoes, HR sends a nasty memo. I just wish we were rewarded as quickly as we are punished. I need my job and I do my best at it and I hate the million dollar payout as much as anyone.