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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Primary Election today. Vote like Plainfield's future depended on it.


Today is Primary Election Day in Plainfield.

Vote as if Plainfield's future depends on it. It does.

I urge you to vote 7B, Roni Taylor for citywide at-large Council seat.

And if you live in Ward 3, to vote for incumbent Adrian Mapp, 8A.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Keeping It Real said...

Plainfield's future does depend on the outcome of today's election.

Plainfield cannot afford to have Tracey Brown. She is too involved with the current administration and refuses to answer questions that affect all Plainfield residents when it comes to the PMUA.

Abdul-Haqq, frankly, is not up to this challenge.

Please consider voting for the candidates that will bring the most to the table and positively affect the quality of life for ALL Plainfield residents -- Roni Taylor and Adrian Mapp.

Bob said...

Amen to Keeping it Real and Dan. Vote if you want Planfield to improve and Brown and Haqq won't help our city or us.

Anonymous said...

the morning after...

So we shot "one for two". 50% isn't good enough, and now Brown is on the loose. The fat cats' are grinning, bright!